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Help, I cannot get to Badpuppy!

As with everything in the world, sometimes there might be something wrong and you may have problems getting to Badpuppy. The following is a compilation of things that you can try that will make it easy to identify the problem.

The examples provided below are for Windows users. Anyone using a UNIX or MAC machine should read the instructions and follow the commands as best as possible.

  1. Bring up a DOS box by going to the Start Button in you Windows Taskbar, select Programs and then select MS-DOS Prompt (it may be labeled differently on your machine). Go to Step Two.

  2. Type ping If you get a response back from the ping command, then the Main Badpuppy Web Server machine is operational. Provided that you did get a response from the machine, go back to your Web Browser and type in the URL line. If you see the Badpuppy Home Page then the Badpuppy web server is running. If it is running go to Step Three. If it is not running go to Step Five

  3. Try typing in the URL line of your web browser. If the Badpuppy main page is displayed, everything should be all right and you can abandon this process; otherwise, here is an observation of your problem. If it doesn't work go to Step Four.

  4. The system that converts to is called DNS (Domain Name Service). If your DNS is not configured properly, please see your Windows Instructions for proper configuration of your DNS in you TCP-IP settings. You can call your Internet Service Provider and verify that your DNS Lookup Tables have the correct I.P. information.

  5. If you are here, it means that you were unable to see from your DOS box. While you are still in the DOS box, please type tracert or tracert Make a note as to whether, or not, the tracert procedure completes. If it hangs up or stops this will indicate to you where the problem(s) is. If you want, identify the I.P. address where the system stops, or reports a problem, and maybe contact your Internet Service Provider. Most of the time the problem is out or your providers control and they won't be able to take care of it; but, you never know.
There are times when your connection to Badpuppy is simply out of our control. If you do something such as the tracert and find that a router is down between yourselves and Badpuppy there is nothing that can be done but wait. The steps above are just about all that you can do as long as you know that you are connected to the internet and that your connection is working properly.
If you are trying to connect on a Friday around 1:00 pm EST and have difficulties there is a reason. Every Friday at the time just mentioned we reboot all of our servers. This will cause each server to be down for about 5 minutes some time in between 1:00 and 2:00 pm EST.
If you have tried all of the above steps and it is not a Friday during the rebooting of the servers and you cannot resolve your problem feel free to call 1.321.631.9500 out of the US or 1.800-219.5650 inside the US 24 hours a day 7 days a week.