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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Model? Would you like to get paid for showing others your body?

Badpuppy is always looking for guys of all kinds (of course at least 18 years of age). Sometimes we will have a focus on a certain type of guy.

We are looking for guys that look like they are between 18 - 25 with an athletic, collegiate type look? So if you have a body to die for and would like an opportunity to show off, we definitely want to hear from you!

This does not mean, of course, that we will automatically refuse any other type of guy, just that we are particularly focusing on that type.

How Do I Become A Model ?

  • Read the following directions and follow them 100%. This will greatly reduce the time required to get your images online.
  • Prepare test photographs of yourself. They can be digital, 35mm, or even a video. We can assume that since you are here, you are looking to get paid for modeling. If you want us to consider you for Badpuppy make sure that you look good in the pictures you send us and, take the time to get some good quality test pictures of yourself. Historically the worst pictures you can send are taken by Webcams unless you have a newer webcam, you might want to try a real digital camera. Most phone photos aren't that great either though some of the newer phones do all right. We have turned down many potentially great guys because of bad quality pictures, or Not Enough Pictures. Here is an Exact list of the test pictures that we require:
    1. One [1] picture of you standing with clothes on.
    2. One [1] picture of your face. Close up and smile please.
    3. One [1] picture of you in sexy underwear.
    4. One [1] picture that is a full frontal nude of you.
    5. One [1] picture that is a full back nude of you.
    6. One [1] picture of your penis in its flaccid (soft) position. Close up.
    7. One [1] picture of your penis in its erect position (hard on). Close up.

What Next?

  1. Email your pictures and a copy of your ID (a pic of it is fine) to
  2. Take a photocopy of your photo identification that proves you are eighteen [18] years of age, or older, and test shots put them in a sealed package.
  3. Mail the package to Badpuppy:
Badpuppy Enterprises, Inc.
Attn: Models 414 High Point Dr.
Cocoa FL, 32926

Don't forget to put in some way for us to contact you back!

We will contact you when we receive everything and have a decision.

We review all of the model submissions once a week, so we usually have an answer either way within 7 - 10 business days.

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