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Danek Rovny
December 25, 2012
Rating for this model: Danek Rovny has been Rated 7.9 starsDanek Rovny has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 123
Photographer Rating: Danek Rovny has been Rated 7.3 starsDanek Rovny has been Rated 7.3 stars  Total Votes: 99

Age:  19
Location:  Vysny Orlik, Slovakia
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Ice Hockey
Sport:  All
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Disco
Produced by William Higgins
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We want to wish you the Happiest of Holidays to you and yours. Our gift to you is 19 year old student Danek. We didn’t put a bow on him but we think you will enjoy the way he unwraps himself for you. You get to enjoy the view of his feet as he pleasures himself by playing with his nipples. His uncut dick is already hard for you when he un-buttons his pants. Laying on the bed next to the Christmas tree, he starts to work his uncut cock with his hand. See the head of his candy cane get as red as the ribbon on the present next to him on the bed. Danek displays all of your gift as well as any game show model. His love hole is waiting for your inspection. So make a wish for the new year as Danek pops his noise maker by spilling his creamy load onto his abs just for you. Happy Holidays from Badpuppy.
Latest Comments:
nice "CUTE" Dude w/ a gorgeous curve cock and a beautiful ass ! Would love to see him in duo !
A great sweetheart. Thank you for this present...++
GREAT YOUNG MAN ! love that curve cock !
A great Christmas gift to find under ones tree and this boi presents a wonderful package.Good overall smooth bod here with disappointment seen with the shaved pits and trimmed pubes, but at least the hairy legs have been left alone and show well.A gorgeous cock and balls on display with a most inviting hairy hole awaiting a hot deep tongue bath followed by deep long fuck....and what a pleasure that would be. Must agree with "dloving".... not an exceptional cum shooter here but certainly enough to enjoy a good taste. Like this boi and hopefully a return visit in a duo would be great to see.
PS---BUT not a cum shooter, rather just a dribbler who doesn't get cum even beyond his navel !! Higgins & co. know enuf to counsel him to SAVE UP for God's sake & give up a real shoot up & over his chest--disappointing in this respect !!
12/26/12--hello, gorgeous!! Fur where there ought to be, nice smile, package not huge but in perfect proportion, wonder when/if we'll see more of Danek perhaps in a duo ??
Very sexy studpuppy with excellent smooth body, good physique, beautiful cock & balls, sweet ass and adorable looks. WOOF!
Saaaaaaaaaaweeet holiday stud! I am sure he tastes as good as he looks and can't wait to see WH bring him back for more!
A sugar sweet guy and a half. What a nice body and wonderous balls! This lad has a great future in his love life. Would love to see him with another hot badpuppy.
Great boy !!!
Danek is a Williams Higgines Star. His tensing purple headed cock is his centerpiece. His boy-next-door body belies the fact Danek does Everything. His mates love to suck him and he them. He appears in a WH Spanking scene taking all the swats entergentically. He's a keeper concluding with a youthful seven shot deluge of fresh hot and thick tastie cum.
Excellent.. Would love to have him come under my Christmas tree...
I'm quite sure that I meant "Delicious"!
Nice "puppy"!!! Cute "puppy"!!! Delicicious "Puppy"!!! "Slut" Daddy Want's to "Eat" puppy's ass!!!
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