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Jack Wall
June 1, 2013
Rating for this model: Jack Wall has been Rated 7.1 starsJack Wall has been Rated 7.1 stars Total Votes: 76
Photographer Rating: Jack Wall has been Rated 6.0 starsJack Wall has been Rated 6.0 stars  Total Votes: 60

Age:  20
Location:  Prague, CZ
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Soccer
Sport:  Hockey
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Hip Hop
Produced by Adam Collins
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From the Czech Republic, we present college student Jack Wall with his brown hair & beautiful blue eyes. A nice patch of hair on his chest & above his thick, uncut cock add to his sexiness. And just wait till you take a gander at his furry, pink manhole...
Latest Comments:
Excellent photography. Beautiful naked body. gorgeous in every respect. so very handsome person. well endowed. hot dick. nice ass, so sweet all over
YOung, Hung and full of cum nice
6/2/13--also agree w/ Nedrow; video ia a bit on the long side & poor show to find ejaculation less than 1 min before the end. Jack's balls look huge so hoped to see more cum than we did altho we've often seen less. Again velocity just to put it at upper edge of chest hair; where are the guys who used to annoint their faces or even headboards. But J. is a hunk w/ nice smile & other fine assets.
Completely agree with nedrow1.
How is it the Czech Republic ended up with the hottest guys in Eastern Europe. I'm going to Prague in September to investigate.
Sexy studpuppy with nice physique most suitable for touching and cuddling, a beautiful cock, delicious ass and charming good looks. WOOF!
I liked Jack from the get-go. But, Adam Collins, when I'm there, Jack wouldn't have spent 7:16 getting his cock out and 12:00 to get a close up of his hard shaft. Adam, shape up. WH antics are long gone. Give the model a break. Let them do there thing without all those cheap tease shots.
nice young man with a nice cock and a great hot hole. he also shoot a very nice load
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