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Kevin Ateah
September 20, 2012
Rating for this model: Kevin Ateah has been Rated 8.0 starsKevin Ateah has been Rated 8.0 stars Total Votes: 145
Photographer Rating: Kevin Ateah has been Rated 7.1 starsKevin Ateah has been Rated 7.1 stars  Total Votes: 105

Age:  21
Location:  Prague, CZ
Job:  Deliveryman
Hobby:  Bowling
Sport:  Swimming
Food:  Chicken
Music:  Trance
Produced by Adam Collins
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21 year old Kevin Ateah is a smooth twink, coming to us from Prague. He works for a private delivery service, but today is his day off, so he's all about some Kevin time. He lays back on the couch, unbuttons his shirt and pants, as he rubs his upper body and uncut cock, which is hiding behind his boxer briefs. Kevin takes off his underwear and takes hold of the situation, delivering a little service to himself for a change. While stroking his cock, he begins massaging and fingering around his tight hole. Kevin gets on his knees giving his cock some action with one hand, while the other moves between rubbing his upper body and squeezing his balls. He moves up to spread out across the back of the couch, continuing with some tight gripped jerking action. Kevin sits back down on the couch and leans back, ready to close this deal. Moving forward with some fast and furious jacking action, he squirts multiple loads across his tight and smooth abs!
Latest Comments:
handsome cute nice cock good balls nice nipple play great cum !
A cute young boy. Thanks. ++
Kevin is classic Virgin Whore, a total teen slut. Can't get enough of his spread hole. Please: make that gorgeous hole gape for us. Kevin is made to ride hard dicks, and worship master's crotch as slave...
Sexy hot young dude ! gorgeous cock /balls. nice nipple play. nice cum.
Sexy smooth body with gorgeous cock and balls, sweet ass and adorable looks. Love the Eastern Europeans but would like more cut smooth cock.
Very handsome and gorgeous young man. delightfully smooth and sexy.Attractive body overall. sweet genitals. so suculent a boner to offer delicious pleasure. A very nice ass, overall photography, is plesing and very sensitive. a wonderful presentation. Thank you. This young man would br most welcome in my dwelling anytime. What more can I say, except, I wish he was a friend of mine
I could never "tire" of the Eastern Europeans!!! Most of them are "hot, hot hot"!!! As is this gorgeous young man! Keep 'em cumming!
Would comment in my opinion that this Twink boi appears only average, however,he is cute and has that certain "boyish" sex appeal. Certainly a nice looking hard,thick cock and good set of low hangers and he knows how to finger that hole...Would appear both the pubes and balls have been well trimmed, however good to see at least some hair on the lower legs which certainly compliments the overall smooth bod. Must say that this boi has a very nice cum explosion...too bad no taste test.
PS Subseq. view of vid. leads me downgrade cum quntity to hi-normal not "impressive."
9/20/12--can't share all the uber-enthusiam--cute,yes but not super or movie star handsome to these old eyes. Re roby & ned, cum quantity impessive, well at least not bad but another model like so many recently who don't get jism even as far as tits, much less further. Where are the guys as we formerly saw esp. from Higgins who shot to hit the headboard , or even the wall. But, thx for sharing w/ us nonetheless, Kevin & photo team.
Love the nipple play!
Cute model.
Uuuber sexy young man from head to toe!
Kevin is a naturally handsome young man, well equipped with swinging nuts underneath a nice hard cock -- as roby said, "not really anything not to like." His performance could have been enhanced with a a cocksucker and a fuckee adding to Kevin's enrichments along with a flip flop with Kevin fucking causing him an extra foot or so on the tragectory of his fresh hot young cum shot.
This lad is very sexy and super hot love the photos and oh so cute !!!!
I am tired of all the Eastern European models.
Cute, Sexy, Lovable, really nice cock and balls..Great cum shot, not really anything not to like..I think he'd be a lot of fun too...I know I'd be happy.
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