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March 3, 2012
Rating for this model: Pablo has been Rated 6.5 starsPablo has been Rated 6.5 stars Total Votes: 131
Photographer Rating: Pablo has been Rated 4.8 starsPablo has been Rated 4.8 stars  Total Votes: 104

Age:  23
Location:  Buenos Aires
Job:  Call Center Support Mgr
Hobby:  Running and Music
Sport:  Gymnastics
Food:  Pastas
Music:  All kinds
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23 year old Pablo is from Buenos Aires and is a full time Call Center Support Manager. When not working, he enjoys running and listening and dancing to music. Pablo has always wanted to do online porn and this is his first opportunity. With his hands down his pants and under his shirt, he begins rubbing his body all over. He removes his shirt, revealing his beautiful natural hairy chest. With his attention now focused on his cock, he rubs and strokes it atop of his boxer briefs. His uncut cock emerges firm and hard, with balls dangling low, as the briefs come off. Giving his tool some warranted attention, he turns around and bends over, showing off his hairy hole as he strokes his cock and gives his balls a good work out. Leaned back and looking like a man on a mission, Pablo gets a firm grip and proceeds to deliver his happy ending in a thick creamy means, across his hand, cock and pubes. He ends the shoot with a big thumb up, hoping you enjoyed as much as he did!
Latest Comments:
Nice hairy body.
Love hairy guys. Adore a curve and tight foreskin penis. Pablo is awesome w/ kissable lips. Photography however, was poorly taken... the angle, the focus, the lightning, etc was amateurish. Such a beautiful subject almost came to waste.
Good model. Bad photographer....Its a waste.
not a good model at all. Had there been some personality... maybe. Shitty photagrapher no doubt
At last! A real man on Badpuppy! With real body hair! That he DOESN'T SHAVE OFF! And real facial hair! Nice anus too. And no, he's not ugly. But others are right: he could smile more.
Pablo is a sexy guy, but the photo shoot didn't do him justice. He has a lean, muscular body and his natural body hair adds to his masculinity. I'd like to see Pablo try it again to show off how sexy he is.
I think Pablo may just have the greatest and hottest body ever to appear here so far. He is not "joyless" he is busy pleasuring us all. What a delicious cock!
Love his hot hairy body. His uncut cock looks so good to eat.
First of all PHOTOGRAPHER was poorly taken. a waste for a MUY CALIENTE SUBJECT ! Pablo luv the curve up uncut cock w/ a tight foreskin of urs ... luv that inside my hungry ass. luv to get fucked by a curve cock... i get 3ple pleasure. AND luv all the hair u have.
That fine pinga did stay under the green stripes for a little too long, but worth the wait. Great fur. A walk around to show off would have been nice, sitting all the time was a little dull and Pablo does have some hot parts to display. The smile at the end was good. 3 woofs.
beautifully put together with just the right amount of hair in all the right places. I think the masculine brooding look is very sexy and he's far from the first one to use it. Nothing turns me offmore than a model grinning in the midst of jerking off!
3/3/12--often find our S Amer. friends quite sexy but Pablo less so; do we call him hairy but joyless? A smile isn't that hard to muster even if not fully sincere. Can't go highrt than a 6 on him.
Almost 7 mins before his cock is shown--not at all how a video shld begin!!
And so few photos... not my favorite set
I'm with Mick, what a sour puss. Better if pics are from the neck down.
He seems older than 23. Say 33, but hay ho it seems he has a hairy body and very nice cock an can rock my boat
I think I would like to spend the night with him. and lick him from head to toes. then eat that nice big uncut cock. and lick that back side also.
UGLY !!!!!!
what the hell is the photographer focusing on? face and cock out of focus in most pics!
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