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Pavol Zbynek
June 14, 2011
Rating for this model: Pavol Zbynek has been Rated 8.0 starsPavol Zbynek has been Rated 8.0 stars Total Votes: 222
Photographer Rating: Pavol Zbynek has been Rated 6.6 starsPavol Zbynek has been Rated 6.6 stars  Total Votes: 162

Age:  18
Location:  Prague
Job:  Ice Hockey Player
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Hockey
Food:  Burgers
Music:  Dance
Produced by William Higgins
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Pavol Zbynek is an 18 year old, semi pro Ice Hockey player based out of Prague. When he's not on the ice, he loves to cruise the local Gay clubs and dance the night away. Pavol has a striking body and a big uncut cock, which he's going to work out for you today! His hairy chest and ass are quite inviting, as he strokes his body all over. Pavol bends over, showing you his pulsating hairy hole, that's begging for attention. He removes his jeans & shoes, rubbing his sexy feet, cracking their knuckles. Leaning back, he massages his hole, stroking his uncut cock for you. Ass up on all 4's Pavol pulls downward his meat, while rubbing & spreading his hole close for the camera. He's ready to finish, rolling to his back, he jerks it on home for a creamy, happy ending!
Latest Comments:
let's get it all over it and just say it. The model iss dull and needs to smile. Higgin models are just there to get a check and say goodbuy. They aren't having fun, they aren't enjoying them selves, they are just jacking off for money
A beautiful young boy. I think a hot stud has to ride him.++
Modbobbysays must have been looking at a different person than this shy but lusty specimen of male pulchratude. Another reviewer touched expressed some dismay at the hair on Pavol's ass, and I agree. An excess of fur on the butt pudding detracts from the overall sex appeal of this young studpuppy. But at the end of the day, I wouldn't mind shaving the parts that I want to eat. Bravo, Pavel. Keep it coming!
The only complaint I have about Pavol is that he is not standing behind me saying, "Daddy, come back to bed!" Went back, looked at March Pavol/Pavel flip/flop....awesome.
I love his shaved pubes !!
Hot stud with excellent physique and adorable face. The smooth look is not a fad but a reallization that men do not have to look like Chubacca to be masculine. Hairy assholes look unclean and should at least be clipped. I prefer to touch skin and not pick hair out of my teeth. If I wanted to lick carpet I would be a lesbian.
Well, I think some of us gurls might be a bit less critical here..... In Pavel I see heavenly perfection. His face defies comparison, his body is a sumptuous feast of masculine beauty. Please let him be my boyfriend in the next life!
Pavol, keep up the good work. You are so sensual and, yes, so beautiful.
great hairy asshole...i like when the models stretch their legs and show the hole....don´t shave the models please.
what a hunk
Many comments with many words. He is very vice in all ways, very nice; would love to know him and of course to be with him. Just think, someone gets to share that.
I, for one, like the shaved crotch. More please!
beautiful face and body, love the hair, but please leave the pubic hair alone. that fad is so over with. let's see some real men
So tired of these shaved crotch dudes. Makes them look like a plucked chicken, good looking or not. You'd think someone as experienced as Higgins would stop sending this crap.
why do these guys shave their crotch? a hairy ass and a shaved crotch look ridiculous. can this website find men who look like men? men don't shave their hair, women do.
Nice-looking young man with cow-like eyes, beautiful hirsute anus and glutei. Would like to see him in a video with another nice-looking Czech.
Beautiful hairy BUTT w/ hairy asshole. i love it ! dreamy eyes lovely model but to me lacks sensuality. again empty hairless front. anyway, not bad.
Read that duo date as March 29, 2011.
I also prefer a luxuaiant bush BUT GUYS quit lamenting: in his duo of #/29/11 this Pavol appears to these eyes to have just a bit of pubic hair on him, not much but a pleasing auburn tint to it altho I admit it's hard to get a good look. The other guy seems to have the longer when engorged but this Pavol's has the bigger circumference. Anyway, he has much to offer but also wish he'd smile now & again.
A beautiful boy, but he looks so unhappy. Sorry the shaves pubes...
A very handsome guy with a nice body. Nice cock and he was able to keep a hard on throughout the photo shoot and video, at least all that was presented to us. A pleasant boy next door look. You could tell he not all that comfortable doing this with his sort of "lets-get-this-done-so-I-can-get-paid attitude". His lack of change in expression throughout the photo and video shoot detracted from the entire shoot. His face had a sadness about it seemed to invite you to comfort him. Particularly sad eyes. Overall I liked it.
I have to say, the shaved pubes are always silly, but even worse in this case since he's a bit hairy everywhere else. :^)
love that body and the chest
love the hairy ass. hope this shaving fad goes away soon.. beautiful face, so i forgive him.. thanks
Comments made to date on this hot boi are well stated and this Reviewer certainly must agree when it comes to the shaved pubes, the personality "look" and "expression". However, this boi is only 18, and this photo shoot in all probability is his first, and he does have much to learn. Having stated these "negatives" this boi presents a most acceptable package,simply outstanding hairy legs and that hairy ass really does complete the scene... (right up there with FELIPE (October 2004) and PETRE CYRIL (February 2002)as three of the hariest... Agree, a total shame the pubes are shaved, and why remains the question. It is to be hoped that in time the pubes will return to a natural state, which will only inhance this boi's overall look! Good to see the light hairy chest taking good shape. An acceptable cum shot, albeit, for an eighteen year old, one would expect much more, however,this boi has a lot going for him and it would be good to see a further look say in three years time at 21, to see just how much overall improvement is seen. An enjoyable production and certainly a winner in my books wanting to taste and fuck that incredible hairy hole.
Pavol has beautiful eyes. I love the furry butt and chest. Nice body.
Shaved pubes! Too bad! Isn't it enough a light trim? It is a pity, because the boy is very nice.
Good looking - great furry ass, but the rest should match - watch stupid decisions are made - round the back he is a man up front WELL debateable
May as well buy into the concept millions of young men worldwide shave their pubes. All the grousing seen here will not change it, either. Same goes for tats. Both are in vogue.
I love his hairy legs and ass. Too bad the bush did not survive a razor attack. He has a beautiful body and is generous in showing it.
So the model doesn't smile like a gibbering idiot. His erection and orgasm are proof enough for me that he's enjoying himself. My only complaint about this handsome model is his shaved pubic hair. I'll never understand why some people like that scalped, unnatural look.
twoin248 nails it. Either leave the pubes there, or wax the rest off. Shaved pubes with all that forest everywhere else just doesn't work. And as for the bored expression - shame to waste his time really!
Give me that hairy ass, I don't care what his emotion is when he is on his knees!
I like this kid he is hot hot hot. But he does need to show more interest in what he is doing show some emotion and better expresion.
Willian Higgins normally does better than this.
He is sooo Eastern European - trained to believe he is a demigod. Perfect hairy ass and knows it. Not about to smile for the simple requirement of a photo...too common. When he turns 40 and he weighs the customary 250 and has a tree trunk shaped wife with a handful of kids, he will look at these photos and wonder why he wasn't more joyful.
14 June,. The kid does need a little more emotion: a dick up his hole would do the trick
I would still fuck his pink hole hard. I like his aloof look. I think it will changes when a cock is inside him fucking his ass. I wish he did not shave off all his pubes and then leave hair everywhere else. He looks prepped for a surgery? I would fuck his hole.
Let's all say it together . . . "Smile!"
This kid has a beautiful body, no doubt about it, but his facial expression is totally void of charm. He looks bored and "let's get this over with." He appears as if he may be not feeling good, as if he is not too well. Very uninspiring photo shoot, no enthusiasm whatsoever.
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