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Peter Cooper
June 8, 2013
Rating for this model: Peter Cooper has been Rated 7.9 starsPeter Cooper has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 121
Photographer Rating: Peter Cooper has been Rated 6.8 starsPeter Cooper has been Rated 6.8 stars  Total Votes: 97

Age:  19
Location:  Prague, CZ
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Gym
Sport:  Gym
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Rock
Produced by Ales Nosek
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Recently turned 19, Peter Cooper hails to us from Prague. With dark eyes & a brown mop top, he slowly undresses for us to reveal a smooth, ripped torso, and we do believe that one could bounce a quarter off of those abs. After a viewing of his furry manhole, Peter gets down to business, and not surprisingly from our stable of Czech guys, he is sporting one helluva thick, uncut cock!
Latest Comments:
10/7/13--nifty stud but TOO BAD that the faint treasure trail leads to shaved pubes--almost nothing there in comparison to gorgeous head of black
Cute and nice cock. Girth.
I'll take a dozen!
Very HOT !
cute. great cock. very sexy.
Finally ! after weeks of sub par puppys, you hit a jackpot with Peter
very cute, tight muscular body. NICE!
Studfucking awesome young man meat !!
Wow! What a sexy kid...beautiful!
6//8/13--Handsome hunk as it wd appear half of Czech men are--hope their floods are quickly gone. BUT nedrow is RIGHT: it shouldn't take 5 mins to get his package visible--indeed, then the vid. cd be 15 mins instead of the elightly ex-cessive 20.
Very attractive guy. Liked him a lot.
so where's the video?
Peter is a normal kid doing his thing. You'd open your door for him. Somebody at BP should shape up and delete the five minutes it took him to get his dick out. Getting to a kid's cock does not take that long these days.
Unable to view or download video.
Cute and sexy studpuppy with tight body, erotic physique, beautiful cock and excellent cum shot. WOOF!
I think peter is a nice young man with nice cock and a great but hole that could lick for hours and then eat that nice uncut cock and that nice load. he has a very nice body also love to take him home forever.
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