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Petr Castek
October 30, 2012
Rating for this model: Petr Castek has been Rated 6.8 starsPetr Castek has been Rated 6.8 stars Total Votes: 119
Photographer Rating: Petr Castek has been Rated 6.2 starsPetr Castek has been Rated 6.2 stars  Total Votes: 92

Age:  21
Location:  Prague, CZ
Job:  Waiter
Hobby:  Swimming
Sport:  Ice Hockey
Food:  French Fries
Music:  Techno
Produced by William Higgins
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21 year old Petr Castek is a cute and sexy exhibitionist from Prague CZ. Petr is a waiter at a small and quaint French restaurant just outside of town. He has the day off and is looking to rub out some stress from a very busy week. He removes his shirt and begins rubbing his body all over; rubbing his nipples and kissing his arms and pits. He moves downward and begins rubbing his uncut cock, which is already standing tall. Petr stares into the camera, licking his sexy lips, getting hornier by the minute! Kneeling on the bed, he turns with his backside facing the camera, showing off his bubble but and throbbing hole, while rubbing and tugging on his cock and balls. Laying on his side, he begins fingering his hole. Petr rolls over to his back and with his knowing the time is near, he begins jerking his cock firm and hard, splattering a load of cum across his abs. Petr is now ready to relax!
Latest Comments:
Petr is made for fucking...+
@dickj - You're most welcome, and thank you so much for the follow up post. I'm glad that I was able to help. If anyone else needs assistance with something, or you just have a comment or suggestion for us, please always feel free to email me any time at "". Jeff
@dickj Thank you very much for your comments. Jeff has basically been with me since the beginning of Badpuppy. He understands 100% how to make sure that every person who uses any of our systems gets a prompt and hopefully helpful response when requested. I'm very pleased everything worked out for you and I'm as pleased to still have Jeff a part of the Badpuppy team. Thank you very much for your long term support and if there is anything that you, or anyone else reading this thread wants to see please don't hesitate to offer suggestions.
Many, many thanks to BP customer support guru for resolving a nagging problem! Cordial, prompt and effective. BP really has the best support staff in this type of web product! I'm a long term customer and will continue to be for many more years. To the Community and to W Higgins, I apologize for my rant! I was having a bad day and my comments were out of line. I retract them and apologize again. If any of you have ever dealt with Jeff, you know he is a gem! Thank you Badpuppy for providing a fine product!
Nice handsome model and what a great ass! I noticed a few negative comments about the appearance of the models dick. Unfortunately this type of damage occurs with getting pierced like with a P.A. or Prince Albert or multiple piercings. Cosmetic surgery can be done to correct it somewhat and this is why I hate P.A's because not only do you risk a hole that may not fill in after its removed but you may piss through two holes for the rest of your life. Overall I still like the model though. Thumbs down with dick piercings.
I like the looks of that dick and everything else. Glad Higgins finally found his better lighting gear to show off the models best.
It's not the prettiest dick I've ever seen, but I haven't seen many dicks, hahaha :) And come to think of it I've never seen a train wreck, but I don't think a train wreck would look like Petr Castek's dick :)
Hi, dickj; I'm very sorry that you are still having trouble with downloads. But as I mentioned in the other model comment area that you posted to, I am not aware of any recent issues with our video server, and there shouldn't be any major difference between a Higgins video and our other model videos. I am also not receiving any other similar complaints. I will email you directly to get more details, to do further testing to see if I can help. But in the future, if you have any other problems on the site or with your membership, PLEASE contact me directly at ""... as we do not always see every one of these model comments.
In my opinion, Petr has the perfect mouth to become a magnificent and relentless cocksucker.
What the hell is going on with BP. The Latest Higgins model dowwnload stalled with 32 seconds left to finish!! Had to start from scratch! What is wrong? This only happens with Higgins downloads! Will you please figure out what is going wrong? I am really getting disgusted with BP/ Higgins quality! I have complained before and never recveived a suitable reply! Do you care at all about maintaining your customer base? This is truly a disgusting customer experience! Do you have any technical competence?!! I think the community is entitled to an explanation. I certainly am!
Did you see that fantastic, to-die-for ass of his? Would love to bury my face in that. Glad Badpuppy is getting back to his origins - twinks.
10/30/12--Some of the posts below seem both unduly harsh & even ill-advised here. I find Petr good looking & wish he waited tables at a rest. nearby. None of us, models included, is respsible for the shape of his dick but I don't see why Petr's should be branded a "train wreck." And I certainly see his semen both on video and in the stills altho one cd wish he had saved up to shot more. Incidentally I find his navel both unusual & cute. Right on, BP support; I appreciate prompt answers to my comments.
Petr is a very handsome young man with a beautiful smile and a fine body. I am very happy with the model selection at Badpuppy.
This guy is horrible, looks unsanitary and his overacting is repulsive rather than explosive. Time to step up the talent and keep the street performances off this site.
Hi, jonthom... I'm very sorry that you are not pleased with the current model, and I have emailed you directly to see if I can get more details as to exactly what type of model you prefer. And to everyone else, please feel free to contact us directly at "" with any comments, suggestions, or constructive criticisms that you may have... we truly appreciate all input, and we personally answer all email that comes in.
I have been thinking about ending this subscription -- this guy just confirmed that I need to do it - better sites around than this
I looked at the video, he produced no semen . At his age he should make some!!!! I come to this site to see some male action and this is what they offer. Where are the men?
The end of his dick looks like a train wreck. What a waste time.
Petr is Gorgeous... He has such a fine Ass and a truly beautiful smile! His cock looks much better when it is "Hard"! Therefore I would like to do whatever it takes to "keep it that way"!!!
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