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Radim Valovy
September 4, 2012
Rating for this model: Radim Valovy has been Rated 6.5 starsRadim Valovy has been Rated 6.5 stars Total Votes: 102
Photographer Rating: Radim Valovy has been Rated 5.8 starsRadim Valovy has been Rated 5.8 stars  Total Votes: 80

Age:  26
Location:  Novy Jicin, CZ
Job:  Miner
Hobby:  Drinking
Sport:  Ice Hockey
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Jennifer Lopez
Produced by William Higgins
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26 year old Radim Valovy is one helluva hot Eurostud! His smooth athletic body and perfect uncut cock will put a rise in your britches! He rubs his chest and the bulge in his blue jeans, soon unzipping them and giving his cock a good rub. He turns around and with his blue jeans dropping lower and lower, he squeezes and rubs his ass cheeks, showing off his hairy hole. Bending over the couch, with his cock and balls hanging between his legs, he begins to finger his tight hole. Radim begins sucking on his dildo, pushing it in and out of his mouth. He inserts his vibrating toy in his ass, plowing it deep and turning it side to side. He swaps that toy with a huge black dildo that would scare the hell out of many, but not Radim, who takes it like a man! He then lays back on the couch, taking hold of his manhood and strokes out a thick and creamy cumshot!
Latest Comments:
once again Higgins has lost the ability to capture the mobel - dildo to BIG/GROSS - look at # 95 very poor form - RETIRE ALREADY
Sexy studpuppy with hot smooth body, beautiful cock, sweet ass and sexy face. WOOF!
@ hardon. What an ugly person to post such an ugly comment!!!
whaat an ugly dick!!!!
9/4/12--blond but not a beauty!!
Very hot............oh and did I say HOT!!!
Radim is plain. I like the alcohol touch
Love the cock, cum shot, face, hair, and enthusiasm. but call me picky the ass needs some work and those jeans have to go. Whats with those shiny patches on those jeans???
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