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Roman Tygr
February 5, 2013
Rating for this model: Roman Tygr has been Rated 7.8 starsRoman Tygr has been Rated 7.8 stars Total Votes: 110
Photographer Rating: Roman Tygr has been Rated 6.6 starsRoman Tygr has been Rated 6.6 stars  Total Votes: 92

Age:  21
Location:  Cesky Krumlov, CZ
Job:  Salesman
Hobby:  Thai Boxing
Sport:  Kick Boxing
Food:  Chicken
Music:  Techno
Produced by William Higgins
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21 year old Roman Tygr is a hot Euro Hunk from the Czech Republic. Roman works in retail sales at the local mall and he is big into Thai Boxing. He is an exhibitionist by nature and was thrilled to be invited to film this jerk off video for Badpuppy members. He sits in the chair and while rubbing his firm body, he unbuttons his jeans and removes his shirt. Roman drops his blue jeans down around his ankles and begins working his thick uncut cock, pulling his foreskin up and down as he stares deeply into the camera and smiles. Deciding to get a bit more comfortable, he removes his sneakers and jeans, with the camera panning in on his sexy feet. Leaning back in the chair, he pulls his legs up and shows off his pulsating hole while spreading his cheeks. He turns backward, with his rear facing the camera and his cock pointing down toward the floor. Roman turns around and leans back, ready to finish what he's started, he rubs out a thick and creamy load of cum.
Latest Comments:
could not agree more with 'cajunqueensays'... there must be something in the water... these czech boys (and this one) seem much more 'developed' and hotter than most! great model!
Do I even need to take this shoot apart...
You're right - I was over analysing it and thought the 'L' was a 'Z' etc and was thus a Czech or Slovak word.
Just what is the translation of the tattoo on his right arm?
Hot boy, but what's with shaving all the manliness off? Chest, belly, armpit hair is sexy!
good looking man. But there was no emotion when he came. There was a nice load of cum!!!
Very nice model in all aspects of a man. As usual Higgins does a good job in bringing this beatiful man to us in detail that many other photographers don't. Thank you Higgins for continuing to bring us at Badpuppy with fine models and excellent photography and Thank You Badpuppy for keeping Higgins as a contributor for so many years. :)
A sexy boy with a curved cock. ++
A beautiful guy. He is from one of most picturesque towns on earth: Cesky Kromlov, CZ. Go there.
He seems to be too nervous to enjoy. Hardly smiled and looked like he was watching someone tell him what to do. Handsome lad, too bad he didn't enjoy making some money and entertaining us
BE HOT if he didn't shave his pits. :(
Some may disagree... I really don't give a f^%k! But the Czech Republic has some of the most "Gorgeous" boys on this planet!!!
2/4/13--Roman is way more than OK but I hope subseq.posters find OTHER words than "sweet" & "Nice" to hi-lite his merits. W/ such a fine smile now here I am calling him cute and also well-hung. But altho he cums more than minimally, AGAIN there ain't no velocity to the spew--it's so fine when the erection can get up to collar bones OR higher.
Nice views of his rosebud. I wish he'd stick his finger in it.
Sweet Boy with a captivating smile, gorgeous cock/balls AND a nice ass. AND ... a nice yummy load !
Like that down-curing cock that would slide right over the tongue and down the throat! Yummy cum and nice nuts. Cute, highly attractive guy.
Sexy smooth body, adorable smile, delicious cock and balls, beautiful ass and sweet nips. WOOF!
sweet young little think. a very nice body and a nice cock and a sweet little but that you could lick for hours and then eat that nice cock and take his nice load
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