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Sebastian Mecta
August 23, 2011
Rating for this model: Sebastian Mecta has been Rated 7.5 starsSebastian Mecta has been Rated 7.5 stars Total Votes: 175
Photographer Rating: Sebastian Mecta has been Rated 6.6 starsSebastian Mecta has been Rated 6.6 stars  Total Votes: 136

Age:  18
Location:  Duchcov
Job:  Cook
Hobby:  Swimming
Sport:  Fitness
Food:  Chicken
Music:  Dance
Produced by William Higgins
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18 year old Sebastian Mecta is from Duchcov. He's Head Chef at a local fine dining restaurant near his home. Sebastian loves to swim and fitness is everything. He's not working this evening, so he decided to get some work out time in at the gym. After some stretching and crunches, he removes his gym shorts and begins rubbing his body, package included. Sebastian leans back, spreading his cheeks, unveiling his tight throbbing hole. He stands up, rubbing his cock and stroking his body, while peering into the wall mirror, giving himself and you a show. His uncut cock is perfect in every way. He lays across the body size punching bag, with his balls and cock pushed behind, he begins fingering himself, while slapping his ass. Sebastian rolls over taking hold of his cock and begins stroking his way to what will be a thick spurting cum shot, across his 6 pack abs.
Latest Comments:
I enjoy Badpuppy production a lot. and this sweet hot model is tops for me. spent many years watching the selections and this hot sweet young man appeals very much to my taste. Wish he was my friend and neighbor. Beautiful cock and balls. sweet hot ass and lovely hole. His smooth hairless body pleases me most. He has a wonderful smile. and is truly handsome with that short hair and sparkling eyes. What more can I say? I love him.
A great ass demontration.+
While this Reviewer in not a lover of tats to some degree, there are times when one must overlook this trait and this is one of those times. This boi presents a very nice total package here...a fantastic physique,and at only 18,fine development indeed which shows. The hairless bod also shows well and perhaps the best asset on display is that beautiful bubble butt and great pink rosebud which is a joy to see inviting a much closer look with a hot wet tongue and hard cock to probe.Oh to have that priviledge! A most acceptable cum explosion to end the photo shoot awaiting acceptance of this boi into the porn industry as a second career. Another winner from Higgins!
liked him but not the tats
Okay guys, we really appreciate all of the input... and everyone's comments are taken into consideration... but let's all play nice, okay?
Why doesn't "dloving" just crawl back in his closet.... and get stuffed "Sebastian" is as near to perfect as you could possibly find PLEASE DO ME A FAVOUR "dloving" and find another site!!!!!!!
Nearly perfect; can't imagine why some disagree. Perhaps another site IS what they need. are ab extraordinary treasure to feast ones eyes upon.
8/27/11--has Higgins reached the bottom of the barrell? Can't say much in favor of this guy so I'll simply wish Seb. good luck & ask where the heck Duchcov is ?
Outstanding body, excellent physique, fantastic bubble butt, sensually smooth all over, great cock, beautiful eyes and adorable face. Amazing studpuppy! WOOF!
What a lovely bunghole. It would be very nice to rim.
He is perfect. I am a little short up front too, and get ridiculed a lot. Who says you have to choke and gag on a cock to have a good time.We should all be as hung as "ted" I guess.The measure of a man is not by what he has in his pants.
Candidate for butt/arse of the year. Agree that you have to ignore the ink and focus on the bits that matter and what bits they are.
This has to be the most erotic video ever filmed of an Athlete.PERFECTION. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS....PLEASE
Some seem to forget... This site is called "BadPuppy"!!! (Not BadOldHairyDog)!!! To me, that means "Young Fine Stuff"!!! Great Job BadPuppy, keep up the "Fine" work!!! Anyone looking for Old Hairy Dogs is on the wrong site anyway!
BUTT is less really more? Nice bod, great tats and hole... but really hoped fore more up front.
This Man/Boy is hot stuff! One dos not rim, blow and fuck tattoos. Close your eyes, and deprive yourself of that handsome face.
I don't like tats. But the guy would be sweet otherwise and great ass!
B O R I N G! B O R I N G! B O R I N G! Time for me to find a new site with REAL men!! Not shaved, plucked, or hairless! So done with Badpuppy after 12 years!!
i am NOT impressed. Ain't my type. BUTT i must say ... he has a nice bubble butt AND a BeYOUtiful ASShole.
I love him AS IS. He is hot, the ink is hot, the hair is hot....beautiful face and physique. If anything turns you off, he can just come stay with ME!
Very cute! But I agree, the Tats are not so hot, but I still think he is!
Sideshow tats = 0
He would look better without the ink and crew cut hair. He looks like ge would be fun to play with.
Aug 22 Hot little twink. Love the way he shows his butt hole!
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