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Thomas Fiaty
November 10, 2011
Rating for this model: Thomas Fiaty has been Rated 8.5 starsThomas Fiaty has been Rated 8.5 stars Total Votes: 208
Photographer Rating: Thomas Fiaty has been Rated 7.5 starsThomas Fiaty has been Rated 7.5 stars  Total Votes: 155

Age:  21
Location:  Czech Republic
Job:  Actor
Hobby:  Cars
Sport:  Cycling
Food:  Chinese
Music:  Rap
Produced by Adam Collins
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Thomas Fiaty is a 21 year old, uncut twinkster from the Czech Republic! He's home alone and horny as hell. Thomas leans back on the couch, with his hard cock pulled through the top of his underwear, as he strokes his cock top to bottom. He loses the underwear and continues stroking with one hand, while fingering his hole with the other. Thomas is heading toward the point of no return, as he kicks his hands in fast motion. As he reaches his peak, Thomas kneels facing forward from the couch and let’s loose with multiple cum squirts splattering down on the hardwood floor!
Latest Comments:
I love lean guys with huge cocks like Thomas. Bring him back!!
Thomas is a handsome guy with a big, beautiful prick!!!
very handsome model, love the body, sweet ass, awesome hot boder and balls. and a real shooter, lovely shot. good photos too.
What a lovely hot Twink boi we have here and simply a marvelous cock on display ,his best asset! Great to see the hairy legs, and what looks like untouched pubes compliment the smooth nicely developed bod....although some gym training to bulk up would be an added asset.While we do not see much of that hole,would appear that this boi would invite a hard fuck. The cum shot is great too,however is wasted shooting to the floor. Certainly a winner and a pleasure to see!
OMG ! what a beautiful cum. very sensual ! luv it. gorgeous cock w/ a nice length & nice balls. AND the foreskin rubbing on the glan of the penis ... gosh ! must be a beautiful feeling ! its the excellent cum shot that brought me into ecstacy ! great, 1 love it !
What a totally gorgeous guy! I adore his faty uncut cock & balls and his pink butt hole. A gorgeous face & haircut round off one very hoy lad. Photography could have been better and brought out more of his hot assets !!
...nice model, but a shame about the inexperienced person holding the camera... looks so damn yellow toned could almost pass for a Higgins type of shot... Most automatic camera's do not compensate for incandescent lighting (regular light bulbs) which make all shots very yellow and not natural or flattering at all... *sigh*... model 10, photographer -5
nice looking guy, like the smooth body and the big uncut cock!
Adorable studpuppy with smooth skin, big cock, sweet ass and sexy eyes. WOOF!
A star in the making. Candidate for model of the year
Ohhwah.... My...... God....!!!! Now, that's my definition of some "booty-licious" sweet tushy! That "hot" ass is so "fine" that it gives my tongue a "hard on"!!!
OMFG... Heaven on Earth...Thanks
he is absolutely beautiful... thank you!
11/10/11--Thomas is a mighty fine & even handsome twink so I avoid complaint about the photo shoot EXCEPT to say really, the cum need NOT go on the floor. A more elegant repository on model or towel wd also permit us to gauge the velocity and amount ejected (always welcome here; kudos however, for the also always excitingn sight of the ridge round the penis head as seen under the foreskin. Happy Thomas has kept both skin and pubes but recognize that totality of models needs to recognize other preferences in thees departments.
More Thomas! One of the best models this year!
Thomas fills out a pair of shorts well. What a nice cock, ass, looks, etc. and yummy load! Bad angle on the cum shot, though. :(
great cum shot!!! Great cock!!!
Thomas is super skinny boy with a nice cock and a great cum. +++
He's cute, and I wouldn't mind being pierced by that cock!
uuuummmmm..pretty nice. Pretty and nice. Hauntingly handsome. His radiant tatt-free and piercing-free skin is creamy. uuuuummmmm.
If all your wishes (Hair, Nose, Lips, Nipples, Chest, Belly Pubic Hair, Ballsac, Dick erected and not, Foreskin from 4 sides, asshole (10 shots), hairy legs, feet.....) come true we would not see a such erotic photo shoot we have here. Why don't you just look a what we have? A photographer can not fulfill all the (contrary) wishes we see here in the comments.
Cute...slim, you just want to cuddle and smother him with love...............
Beautiful guy, but bottom obsessives like me wanna get long, detailed views of the anus itself. I know a lot of people like seeing a finger or dildo going in and out of it, but that does nothing for me, sorry! We barely got a glimpse of that treasured place in this video.
totally agree with francois the young czech boy is really great kuckable kid will probably great abilities in acting will love to see him on screen or on stage and he could apply for french castings.Bravo to the photographer
Beautiful ho skinny boy . Love him. into getting the job done and not the cam. excellent cum shot from a perfect uncut cock
Excellent beuatiful well hung young dude,keep them cuming!
Uncut skinny dream Boy. 100% what I like. Great!
10 Nov Cute, fuckable kid! Great photography!
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