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Tomek Kubovy
December 24, 2011
Rating for this model: Tomek Kubovy has been Rated 8.2 starsTomek Kubovy has been Rated 8.2 stars Total Votes: 186
Photographer Rating: Tomek Kubovy has been Rated 7.4 starsTomek Kubovy has been Rated 7.4 stars  Total Votes: 147

Age:  25
Location:  Austria
Job:  Bartender
Hobby:  Cooking
Sport:  Football
Food:  Healthy Foods
Music:  Techno
Produced by William Higgins
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Tomek Kubovy is a 25 year old hot, hunky stud from Austria. Tomek is Bisexual and open to all sexual relationships. He is a bartender by trade and loves going to the gym, playing football and cooking. Tomek sits on the futon, removes his shirt, unbuckles his belt and begins rubbing himself all over. He pulls out his thick uncut cock and begins stroking it. Tomek rolls over to his side, rubbing and fingering his slightly hairy hole and sagging balls. Leaning back on the futon, with his legs up in the air, he shows off his bubble butt and gives himself some double finger penetration. Tomek stands up and begins stroking his cock and rubbing his body. He's ready to cum so he lays down on the futon and begins firmly stroking, pulling his foreskin back and forth, delivering a huge spray of multiple loads across his trimmed pubes and abdomen.
Latest Comments:
Bravo Tomek! You are a real hot guy. With a great ass and - a wonderful cumshot. Thanks.+++
He must be a nice guy. I bet he is a good bartender. No pubic hair, no tip. He could take his mud cannel to the toilet.
Mixed feelings on this boi...there being some positives and negatives. Agree he certainly looks older but would not think the stats would be reported to us incorrectly. A lot of attention given to that nice hairy ass and hole, which appears to be begging for deep attention and the close up photo shots give us a good look at nice size balls. Good to see the light hairy legs on this boi and the hair on the upper chest displays well. A good sized cock here which explodes nicely onto some good ab definition,which would indicate this boi does hit the gym. Must say this Reviewer has seen better from the Higgins Studio.
loved his expression as he shot his big load..mmmmmmmmm
Beautiful...My heart skipped a beat when he was masterbating and looking into the camera. I also jacked off a good load too when he exploded.
Cute guy with super hardware. Those balls were nice and the cum load was super with at least 12 spurts. Very edible! Loved the protstate finger massage, too.
theres nothing much to see. it was nice but nothing xtraordenaire !
Every drop!
Lovely foreskin!
I have seen teenagers with a few wrinkles already. I even knew a 19 year old guy once that was starting to see gray hair. We all age differently. I have seen 35 year olds with smooth boyish faces too.
12/24/11--Austrians generally stay home on heiligen Abend (24th) w/ theaters & restaurants all closed. (Things reopen on the 25th.)But who wd not be glad to be home w/ gorgeous Tomek and his lovely befurred body (admittedly not the pits) including chest, legs & pubes!! Interesting that his torso is not tanned altho arms & legs apparently are. But what a generous cum w/ fine view from 2 diff. angles--just as I prefer. If he is not 25, I don't think he is near 35 either but as Rainer cogently observes, we aren't here to establish his age. W/ his penetrating hip motions, he may just get his lady pregnant w/ the sperm left hi up in her portal. A new fav here & hope we see more of him.
more later
stop shaving your pits, your a man not a woman
Das ist ein wunderschönes Arschloch. Das möchte ich so gerne lecken und bumsen.
Hot studpuppy with smooth skin and a dusting of hair, fantastic cock popping a sweet load and an excellent atheletic physique with sexy legs. WOOF!
Es ist doch egal, wie alt er ist. So wie er ist, ist er SEXY. Und sein Abgang ist einfach geil ...
He looks 25, but I kind of agree he must be older because of the wrinkels on his face. That aside he is a great looking model. Nice sexy smile and a fine body well defined
I bet he is 35 not 25, look at the wrinkels in his face. A plus: He is uncut
very nice he sexy as hell fine body love his sexy smile wow love the hairy asshole i wanna sniff it lick it eat it real good.....
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