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Valeriy Vilemcuk
August 21, 2012
Rating for this model: Valeriy Vilemcuk has been Rated 7.5 starsValeriy Vilemcuk has been Rated 7.5 stars Total Votes: 117
Photographer Rating: Valeriy Vilemcuk has been Rated 6.7 starsValeriy Vilemcuk has been Rated 6.7 stars  Total Votes: 91

Age:  19
Location:  Usti Nad Labem, CZ
Job:  Waiter
Hobby:  Jogging
Sport:  Soccer
Food:  Chicken
Music:  Trance
Produced by William Higgins
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19 year old Valeriy Vilemcuk comes to us from the Czech Republic. Valeriy is a waiter at a fine dining establishment and in his spare time he loves the outdoors and jogging. Today he's off from work and enjoying some down time, all about Valeriy and what makes him happy! Thus a jack off session is what the current plan is. Laying back on the couch he rubs himself, exposing his hairy abs and chest. His baggies come off and with his legs spread he strokes his uncut cock, with his balls bouncing up and down. He stands on the couch and strokes, turning then to his back side, where his balls hang low. He spreads his ass cheeks, where you view his hairy hole. Valeriy is all natural and not shaved in any way, shape or form. Valeriy moves from his side to his back and then sits up on his knees and rubs his uncut tool back and forth across a decorative pillow. Ready to unload, he uses a different pillow to finish the job, squirting his cum on the pillow, as he continues to massage his cock!
Latest Comments:
This is one Reviewer that likes 'em young,hairy with a nicely developed overall bod,and good features, and this boi does represent that statement well. Simply a great hairy bod displayed,nice chest, good pits and outstanding hairy legs and pubes. What a great looking cock..just love the slight curve there and the low hangers are a good size and display well. Simply one beautiful hairy hole on display and it's good to see Higgins giving it the attention it diserves. However, what is certainly disappointing here is the wasting of the cum shot onto a "silly" pillow, hardly visible at all,, but then this is Higgins, who is well known for using "crazy props" at times. Must conclude this boi is a winner!
Hot russian!!!! Russian guys are the hottest!!!!
Val is so nice. I love that curved cock and hot balls. Love to take that down my throat and fire it off. Just a great body and nice ass. Would love to spend the night with this fellow!
not that hot. seems to not like the camera
aw, what a totally yummie little sweetheart. mucho besos para Valeriy!
8/21/12--well, if you like 'em hairy! But V. doesn't strike thie viewer as ex- ceptional. Even Higgins presents an almost loser now & again.
Beautiful eyes and nice smile. I love the hair.
Definitely meets my complete approval.
LUV HAIRY GUYS. LOVE CURVE cocks. nice nipples nice hairy ass. Valeriy is HOT !
Love the hair, especially on his ass.
Stunningly handsome - great smile and those eyes, along with everything else makes for some sweet moments - and hasn't shaved either - daymmmmmmmm hot!
Hot Hot Hot. Hair in all the right places, love his hairy chest, nice cock, ass etc
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