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Vlado Dluhos
November 27, 2012
Rating for this model: Vlado Dluhos has been Rated 7.1 starsVlado Dluhos has been Rated 7.1 stars Total Votes: 112
Photographer Rating: Vlado Dluhos has been Rated 6.0 starsVlado Dluhos has been Rated 6.0 stars  Total Votes: 86

Age:  25
Location:  Vestec, CZ
Job:  Locksmith
Hobby:  Fishing
Sport:  Ice Hockey
Food:  Italian
Music:  Rock
Produced by William Higgins
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25 year old Vlado Dluhos come to us from the Czech Republic, where his is a Locksmith. He had the day off today and treated himself to an afternoon of Ice Fishing. He pulls his thick uncut cock out through his pants and rubs his upper body, while giving his tool a work out! You can watch his toes curl, as he rubs himself. Vlado spreads his cheeks, showing off his hairy hole. He uses his fingers to spread it wide and rub the outer edges. His skin glistens with perspiration, as he becomes hornier, moving toward what is to come. He stands and winks, while he blows a kiss at the camera, with his flannel’s dropped around his ankle. He turns and once again shows off his muscular ass, while spreading his hole for a birds eye view. Vlado sits down and with a firm grip; he blows out a thick and creamy load across his upper thigh. His tension is released as he smiles at the camera and blows a final kiss good-bye!
Latest Comments:
A real man with all ingredients a man needs.++
one beautiful ass ! am sure i will enjoy fucking this beautiful ass ! gorgeous cock, nice balls AND a copious amount of cum. i love it !
Excellent body with broad shoulders and thick chest, great legs, beautiful cock and juicy cum shot. WOOF!
Nice balls!
With his big fat cock, Vlado looked closer to 33 than 25 to me.
WHATS with the clothing worn 4 more then half of the shoot!!! The model should be naked 4 all but 2 or 3 photos!!! Very poor choice by pornographer.
11/27/12--Vlado's face isn't super attractive but he scores down under w/ a truly fine package--may never have seen more hair on a sac. That & acopious cum w/ 2 chances to see spurts up close--both relished here. Wonder, however, why Francois thinks cock & ass are virgin?? How many gay guys wd be at age 25
MMMmmm, looks like it would taste mighty fine - all that manmeat just waiting to be eatin'!
27 Nov Gorgeous virgin cock and ass!
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