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Zdenek Zimola & Dmitry Vorobev
December 15, 2011
Rating for this model: Zdenek Zimola & Dmitry Vorobev has been Rated 7.9 starsZdenek Zimola & Dmitry Vorobev has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 134
Photographer Rating: Zdenek Zimola & Dmitry Vorobev has been Rated 7.1 starsZdenek Zimola & Dmitry Vorobev has been Rated 7.1 stars  Total Votes: 112

Model:  Zdenek Zimola
Age:  24
Location:  Rumburk
Job:  Real Estate Agent
Hobby:  Tennis
Sport:  Running
Food:  Hamburgers
Music:  Dance
Model:  Dmitry Vorobev
Age:  18
Location:  Russia
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Boxing
Sport:  Boxing & Golf
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Dance
Produced by William Higgins
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24 year old Zdenek Zimola and 18 year old Dmitry Vorobev come together for a massage session. Zdenek is in Real Estate, but recently graduated from Masseuse School. Dmitry is a hot Russian Stud. Zdenek is pleased with the opportunity to work this client. Dmitry stripped down to his briefs, lays face down while Zdenek oils him up. He removes Dmitry's briefs, rubbing and massaging his butt cheeks and fingering his inviting hole. Dmitry, asked to get on all 4's, receives a vibrating dildo planted in his hole, while Zdenek, rubs, strokes and squeezes his package, prior to sucking Dmitry's huge uncut cock. Zdenek hops up on the massage table, exposing his throbbing uncut cock and proceeds to get sucked by Dmitry. One thing leads to another and Zdenek is fucking Dmitry, barring down on him hard. Now on his back, Dmitry continues to be fucked by Zdenek from several positions, causing Dmitry to let go of a huge load. Zdenek kneels over Dmitry's face, letting loose in his mouth and face.
Latest Comments:
3/14--one headline cd be "Handsome Russiky w/gorgeous nips cuns A LOT"
yummy, cleaned off that cummy cock with style, hot
Didn't get to see nearly enough of Dmitry's uncut cock...he is f**king gorgeous!
what agreat cumming and masterbate.Such a good body and cock....
nice video sexy guys i love the ass play i would let both guys fuck me & i wanna eat both guys asshole & suck their cocks.
wow...nice boys...body and Ccock and fuck
Dmitry is hot, smooth and a fantastic bottom. WOOF!
Very hot from start to finish.
Both guys have hot loads and great balls. Dmitri would be a delight for any top and Zdenek is a great top master. Loved the kissing scenes in the movie! Hot with Dmitri tasting Zdeneks load. A 10.
OMG. I'm in love with Dmitri.
12/15/11--two hot studs; interesting that Dmitri has such prominent tan lines--guess open tanning beds may still be rare in Russia. Commendable in this corner to see both spill loads so clearly, both in quzntity of cum & where it lands. Hope they both reappear, solo or in an ensemble, preferably w/ a hot blonde (or 2) and/or a fiery red head.
WOW----Dmitry really fired one Hell of a load---He was the star in my book.
Standard Higgins fare and very enjoyable too. That Zdenek has been here before as both top and bottom and has a very desirable arse. Would like to see Dmitry in a solo shoot for a better sight of his impressive looking cock.
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