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February 2, 2010
Rating for this model: Adam has been Rated 7.7 starsAdam has been Rated 7.7 stars Total Votes: 265
Photographer Rating: Adam has been Rated 3.9 starsAdam has been Rated 3.9 stars  Total Votes: 191

Age:  20
Location:  Poland
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Dogs
Sport:  Water Sports
Food:  Italian
Music:  Old Rock
Produced by Jacek
Hot Euro hunk Adam rips out of his baggy white t-shirt to show off his bulging muscles, flexed and soaking wet. He poses for the camera with his cock in his hand, stroking a juicy wad out across his defined 6-pack.
Latest Comments:
1/5/13--still a big fan of A. & just noticed his blonde fur grows halfway up his shaft (pic 38) wh is unusual on any model, I'd say. If not a huge cum, at least 1 spurt reaches his tits.
9/4/12---as I said 2 1/2 yrs ago, Adam is still a max. blond hunk w/ glistening golden fur--really enjoy him & a cum above average.
GEE ! WHIZ !! Too much unnecessary movement to the point of exageration. too bad 'cuz he has a beaYOUtiful body gorgeous uncut cock & a very nice butt. was also disappointed for lack of assshots.
hot, but I wish more of these bois were AMERICAN and CUT
I'm a sucker for blond fur delicately tufted over a superb physique. What an incredible beauty is Adam!
"BEE---U----TI---FULL"!!!!! Adam's butt, that is and the rest of him is pretty fine too. I'd like to throw this boy over my horse and ride off into the sunset.... talk about a HAPPY ending!!!
Great looking model but the video spolied by exaggerated performance
Another OMG: truly a max. blond hunk--treasure trail leading to real prizes (what a set)--all that natural fur thankfully untrimmed and gorgeous cock thankfully uncut PLUS he really cums in FULL VIEW for everyone--higher than a 10 !!
This setting always has stunningly erotic photos and sexy men with beautiful cocks...
Just going by the photo shoot alone I liked the photography as usual by Jacek but I just didn't care for the model. Nothing personal. But I did appreciate Jacek's way of photography.
Must say that the video is not that great a quality ...far too much movement for the model and the camera for that matter....however the still pics certainly do this model justice...just look at that well muscled body....a real joy to behold...terrific definition and the blond hairy legs and butt both add to the overall beauty. Agree .."love it"! The cum shot while ok..could have been much stronger in this Reviewers estimation. All in all a great boi here!
Adam is just so freakin hot I don't know where to begin - but sticking my tongue deep between that beautiful hairy cheeks would be a good place---- then he can shove that amazing dick all the way down my willing and eager throat!!!!!!!!
Very nice body and handsome face. He may not be the most muscular guy out there or have a huge cock, but he sure knows how to work that body and that cock. Great pictures and video. I gave him the max.
Hot blond with sexy moves. Excellent blond fuzz on a beautful butt. Tight and toned with an energy that would be fun to play with. WOOF!
Magnificent model! Great to see both cock asleep and cock at full stretch. Love all that golden hair. Yes, video is a bit ridiculous. Agree set is "Higgin- esque. But Adam is mine forever.
Nice boy but unrest camera...
Damn near perfect model...but: a rare case of the still pics being better than the video. Cameraman had ants in the pants and couldnt hold the camera steady for three seconds. And the mindless Wm. Higgins-esque set didnt help. Dizzying. But a damn near perfect model.
OMG - all that beautiful fur and that sweetass body! He has it all and only wish that there will be more of him soon!
With all that wiggling around, Adam would be like trying to suck cock during a hurricane.
My we're spoilt today - two hot studs Adam & Mark. I'm in lust with both of them.
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