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Dominik Jurka
April 7, 2009
Rating for this model: Dominik Jurka has been Rated 7.0 starsDominik Jurka has been Rated 7.0 stars Total Votes: 345
Photographer Rating: Dominik Jurka has been Rated 3.9 starsDominik Jurka has been Rated 3.9 stars  Total Votes: 100

Age:  18
Location:  Brno
Job:  Worker
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Football
Food:  German
Music:  Lily Allen
Produced by William Higgins
With a smile shining from ear to ear, Dominik rubs his tight ass, throws his legs in the air and spreads his puckering asshole. He flexes his trimmed masculine body, showing off his extreme definition. With one hand on the dildo plugging his bum from behind and the other hand jerking his uncut cock, he's only a few strokes away from a sloppy cumshot.
Latest Comments:
would have rated this video a 10 if the photgrapher would have stayed out of sighr! does anyone else think the same or m i on my own on this opinion?
super smooth hot boy with shaved pubes!!!
Mixed feelings on this boi...but something about blondes that say a "yes to me". Fairly good physique starting out here with some definition...good also to see a very light dusting on hair on this boi and the shaved pubes, and pits go with the scene...(although I like to see "natural" even on a fair skin boi). A nice size cock and good cum shot...and I like that ass which needs more exploring other than a dildo. Smooth is really not this Reviwer's "cup of tea"...but agree this is one of the better hot blonde bois and worthy of consideration. Fully is far too long.
nice work
where are the straight ones ????????????????? straight and cute must be hard to find
I love the smooth twink look. He is adorable.
Absolutely adrable, nice young and smooth and not afraid to show off his smooth tight toned fit body, more please.
He is too young...
yes definitely what i like!!! Thanks
PS I should have waited for the shot to rate: the hairless wonder had no distance to show and minimal quantity after 30 mins--then off to shower--pitiful for all the time viewers have invested. 4or 5 say I on the video.
I like 'em blond (sometimes) and young (almost always) but this kid is just a bit too young and hairless to suit me. And it is ridiculous to think that most BP subs.have 34 rpt 34 mins to waste on this video; 20 mins should be a max. for them---in today's world most viewers haven't got all day for watching. My 6 rating seems to track with votes averaging 6.7 on day of posting
Definitely not my type. I like men!
Oh yeah - that's what I'm talking about - nice everything - Thanks Bill!
while the hairy ones lately have been nice.....I like smooth. This one is sooooooo creamy looking just a taste delight. AAA
Bit too cute for me.
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