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March 8, 2007
Rating for this model: Evan has been Rated 7.6 starsEvan has been Rated 7.6 stars Total Votes: 685
Photographer Rating: Evan has been Rated 5.3 starsEvan has been Rated 5.3 stars  Total Votes: 60

Age:  26
Location:  Palm Springs, California
Job:  Bakery/ Cake decorator
Hobby:  Being with friends
Sport:  Dancing
Food:  Fine dining
Music:  Pop/Dance
Produced by CSI Productions
Latest Comments:
handsome young man w/ lovely pubes & a gorgeous monster cock. i'd love to chock on that gorgeous uncut cock. very natural /sensual. AND this gorgeous uncut monster would be just very good into my hungry asshole.
I'd like him to decorate my face with his creamy frosting ;)
Handsome young man. Natural in front of camera, no gimmicks or silly faces; just a man enjoying himself. Would have been nice if he had worn some underwear (white briefs preferably) to accentuate his treasures.
i'd like to take this big piece of meat in my little ass.
hot, hot, hot.....
top bad puppy model - ++++ one handsome man, would love to see more photosessions with this stud included
Delighted that he's NOT shaved. Beautifully naturally hairy, monster cock, lovely balls and as I watch the video, hope he shots a massive load in a far reaching arc !!!
A hot very man-stud. What a enormous dick...
OMG!!! Superlative cock; handsome face, so sensual boy. I love you.
great dick
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