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April 23, 2009
Rating for this model: Gery has been Rated 7.3 starsGery has been Rated 7.3 stars Total Votes: 337
Photographer Rating: Gery has been Rated 3.9 starsGery has been Rated 3.9 stars  Total Votes: 225

Age:  28
Location:  Budapest
Job:  Dive Instructor
Hobby:  Diving and Traveling
Sport:  Basketball
Food:  Fruits
Music:  Rock
Produced by TLX Productions
Gery is the epitome of a smooth body, muscle bound hunk! Full of attitude and charisma, this Euro stud will keep you on the edge of your seat so keep the lube handy. Watch his pants fall to the floor as he spreads his perfect ass forcing his enormous cock down between his knees. This is one solid stream of liquid gold you don't want to miss!
Latest Comments:
Nice trade
4/18/12--like many others Gery has that intriguing darker hue of skin on several parts of that gorgeous penis--truly one many must envy w/ beautiful sickle curve--But we shld have seen it also flacid; I'm still curious almost 3 yrs alter!!
I was SO hoping this was a new session, rather than a re-posting. Can we get more of Gery???
12/15/11---2 7 1/2 yrs later I still say: too bad he's presenting himself (?) as the hairless wonder instead of as a super sexy stud w/ a most winning smile. Still who wd object to finding him UNwrapped under their tree ??
Lovely curve to the stiff dick, but the ground is all wrong - in more ways the one!
Finally, once again a model who is completely shaved, with no pubic hair! Gery has a great body and a beautiful penis (pubic hair with this sight would be ruined). He is a wonderful man - from head to his feet! Thank you!
curving sickle yay but where's the hay!!??
My favorite of all time on this site. He has everything I want.
Little or no hair is a trade mark of the models in this studio so we have to learn to live with it. What we do see in Gery is a handsome, older model who is not quite as confident as some of his counterparts. He has a pleasing rock hard cock and a awesome pair of buns. It would have been nice if he could have opened them a bit more for a real good look at his hole.
handsome face, nice tone body, nice pair of ball, curve good size penis but too dry, poor attitude, no sex appeal, didnt move my tool an inch.
Yeh, I'd like Gery better w/ hair BUT LET'S CONCENTRATE on what we do see, guys. That is one superb upward curving sickle and one cd contemplate a dive (Gery is one) into that POOL of cum. I'll go to 8.5 evenw/out the fur. Let's see more maybe in a duo ??!
Could use some hair to enhance great body and cock!
He has a great cock - but no hair - why?
no hair. too bad
such a nice guy, but why he loosed all the hair?
hot man...
Gery has a magnificant cock and though I prefer alittle hair because he is a swimmer/diver I can accept his smooth body. His toned body and copious cum make him desireable. Thanks Gery, flash.
Another potentially hot model ruined by the razor
All I have to say please drink more fluids
I would love to see this guy with hair. His face is awesome, but he needs to have some hair on his body. Let him grow it back and do another shoot. Badpuppy, we need to see some men with hair!
Not normally my type....but this is one very lickable(all over) young man.....slurp
Shaved or not - great body and slick is good too - i'd benz for him with that great smile and stiffy - a nice young stud to go diving with!
I don't usually go for the big, muscle hunks, but this guy is very hot--love his face. I agree with previous comments though about lack of body hair (especially those pits!) and not getting to see him soft...
And TLX ruined it by shooting the model with only erections.
Nice body, nice dick but he ruined it all by shaving off all the hair.
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