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Giuseppe Pandi
November 12, 2009
Rating for this model: Giuseppe Pandi has been Rated 7.7 starsGiuseppe Pandi has been Rated 7.7 stars Total Votes: 247
Photographer Rating: Giuseppe Pandi has been Rated 4.0 starsGiuseppe Pandi has been Rated 4.0 stars  Total Votes: 164

Age:  25
Location:  Budapest
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Modeling
Sport:  Soccer
Food:  Fish and Chips
Music:  Rap
Produced by TLX Productions
Euro muscle stud Giuseppe Pandi strips slowly, letting his flaccid uncut cock hang low through the fly in his jeans. He shows off every rippling inch of his body from his trimmed pits to his smooth tight hole. See how he measures up, then shoots a thick wad across his 6-pack.
Latest Comments:
i find this gentleman perfectly beautiful ! clean smooth great body, very neat peri-anal area, gorgeous cock, nice pair of balls, fantastique ass ! an ADONIS to me !
PS 10/30/13--still want to see more of those chewable nips, vy fine package w/ goose eggs well defined & down even as he cums. BUT from such a true hunk, still hoping to see a REAL ejaculation, not just sperm dribble thru foreskin.
1/5/13--can deal w/ a hairless model & G. has a nice, big smile when he (rarely) chooses to unveil it but I like a cum shot not just an oozing cock!!
11/19/12--G. ofers plenty to look at & appreciate in spite of no big, long shot, so bring him back after 3 yrs almost tp the day & let us see how he has "developed" !!!
"Porn preparation ruins" again!
Outstanding body with excellent definition. That smooth skin is beautiful and shows off his astounding physique. Would lick this man from head to foot. WOOF!
would be SO much better if he wasn't shaved
Hot Clean and sex skin a guy I would make out with
Beautiful ass, fantastic foreskin - so many beautiful places to slip your tongue!
Beautifully smooth body, large balls and meaty cock. Not a shooter but definately a tastey load. Sexy and sensual stud. WOOF!
A nice boy with a smooth body.
Yummy - from head to toes with great pics and vid just wished he was measuring my bed - what an adonis!
Yes. a good all rounder. The smooth look suits him.
Only if the name is semi-correct, is he Italian but whatever nationality, I like his looks including nice smile--a 7 here. BUT as to this "thick wad" he DOESN'T shoot it, sad to say; it just oozes out of him; unfair or not I take OFF a full point for that disappointment--but bring him back anyway, why not as part of a duo or even trio ?!!
This boi has certainly had a wax job and while a smooth bod can be hot, I do like to see some natural growth ....especially on the legs. At least there is a very small dusting left in the pit and pube area. Some good definition here, nice biceps and upper body, abs and stomach.That uncut piece of meat grows nicely producing a respectacle cum shot. The totally smooth hole does look inviting and would be great to explore deeply.
Another fine shoot from TLX. The model was great. It did look like he had used a little bit of wax here and there though. :) :)
Nice boy. He smiles and looks at the camera. His Calvin Kline's are a gay standard. I like it better when they have cute litte bunnies or Teddy bears on their pants.
Well, I'm a sucker for Giuseppi's type fat bulbous soft cock that just fits inside your mouth to grow and slowly grow with that bright red georgeous helmet on its top. Its meatus, slick, hard, a mouthful with the deluge of hot fresh cum. Loved the way his nuts hung below his love tunnel, swinging. A good man, Giuseppi.
Really cute Italian kid. Would love to snuggle up with him. The measuring tape was a really come-on!
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