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Ivan Pisecky
April 26, 2011
Rating for this model: Ivan Pisecky has been Rated 8.3 starsIvan Pisecky has been Rated 8.3 stars Total Votes: 245
Photographer Rating: Ivan Pisecky has been Rated 7.3 starsIvan Pisecky has been Rated 7.3 stars  Total Votes: 190

Age:  18
Location:  Slany
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Football
Sport:  Football
Food:  Beef
Music:  Dance
Produced by William Higgins
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Ivan Pisecky is an 18 year old Jock from Europe, who is a very popular quarterback on his Freshmen football team. When Ivan is not on the field, he's playing the field, never at a loss for companionship. Ivan also loves to show off for the camera, as you can tell in his video. As he touches and caresses his body, stripping out of his clothes, he is passionate in front of the camera. When he spreads his butt cheeks, his hairy hole is exposed and is screaming for attention. His uncut cock is simply perfect in all ways and obviously a tool that he is very proud of. As he jerks off for us, his big brown eyes are looking right back at you, drawing you right into the room with him, just in time to watch him shoot a thick load of cum across his well chiseled abs.
Latest Comments:
another set of him please, but ONLY after he has full bush!
awesome hairy pinkish asshole ! love it ! asshole shots were beautiful ! Ivan was so sensual, i could feel his aura ! just beautiful ! Hot young Dude !
What a sweetheart Ivan is. He is one of the best all-round models I have seen from the central/eastern European studios. That beautiful hairy crack and hole are priceless. He approaches perfection in every way.
OMG. That butt. That ass! I would bury my face there and tongue him real deep for hours. He would taste so fabulous. He needs to be fucked...I can tell he's no stranger to having a hard cock up his magnificent boycunt.
Would prefer NOTHING shaved or trimmed, but THAT ass YUM and he is rather goregous
A hot boy with a super body.
OMG!!!!!!! This is one awesome dude. I agree with alking 1-10 he gets 30!
EVERYTHING about Ivan is TOTALLY AWESOME, especially his totally awesome, sweet, luscious, delectible cock!!!! How I would love a motherload of his cum for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
A 20 - if the scale goes there! all the way around this stud is perfection - except he is way over an ocean and not gracing my bed - need more of him!
alking... I agree with you out of 1 - 10 he is a 20. I wish peo ple would not trash someone just because he shaved a little... He still was perfect. If you want to trash someone, then how about you getting your photo posted so we can do some trashing on yours. Great job Ivan, you are HOT and what a smile. ;o)
A great face and body, but like so many of your models, his trimmed pubes and legs, are a turn-off.
PS Don't know where those red cords came from--always against tying anyone up!! But what about those fine dimples in his ass cheeks ??
Yes, a winning smile & fine physique but, Ivan, next time shave your face, not yr pubes & pits!! At least we can all enjoy one fine (partly because it is so hairy) ass. Only 18? I think older but we need/want to see him again w/ age partner(s) in a scene of mutual pleasuring, cumming & penis licking--soon pls, BP.
If you watch careful at the video you can see how he roll back his right eye just when he cums.....priceless. Thanks Ivan hope to see you soon.
OMG!for sure Ivan is the most BEAUTIFUL(w/capital)clean, lean,natural young man I have seen in a while here in BP.Sure is a dream come true. Kep it cuming please.
HOT yes, BUT NOT! Going to shave why not the head too? If I met a guy. Got home and found he's shaved. I would show him the DOOR so fast he wouldn't know what hit HIM. What with this SHAVEING!!!
HOT yes, BUT NOT! Going to shave why not the head too? If I met a guy. Got home and found he's shaved. I would show him the DOOR so fast he wouldn't know what hit HIM.
Beautiful stud. Perfect body, hairy hole and great smile. They can't all have 9" cocks so I don't mind his size at all.
omg.. he is so hot.. and did you notice how clean he is.. no awful piercings or dirty tats.. even his fingernails are trimed and clean.. he may be young, but if he continues to take such good care of himself he has a long future ahead... thanks
Outstanding body, fantastic legs, beautiful cock and sexy smooth body. WOOF!
Handsome and natural hairy dude with a beautiful smile and equally beautiful ass.
Thankfully this will be a new trend for WH, I'm bored of the euro bus-depot twig boys he seems to always get.
A beautiful sexy young man, as before you are on the right track of manpower choices.
killer smile in almost every picture.i dont know about you,but i like to see the guys smile.very hot young man.
I would swallow.
Yes, I agree he's cute. Small dick and balls but pretty bunghole.
Ivan is a great looking guy. Very handsome with a nice body and smooth skin. It seemed he was not into this particular session. As if it was more a performance for work than enjoyment.
He's cute!
beautiful asshole shots. awesome ass ! handsome dude. cock and balls not so much to say about. however, this dude is so sexy & sensual.
Another hot lad from Mr. Higgins. Love him!
Perfection! This guy is as good as it gets.
I am not criticising one little bit....but IF he is only 18... me thinks he has been around the block more than a few times, but dear old Higgins does get some beauties. Thanks all....
This kid is as good as it gets in every category. On a scale of 1-10, he gets a 20!
Ivan is near to perfect in almost every way. Thanks Ivan! Flash
One of the most awesome young studs I've seen on this site. Keep the young ones coming.
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