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Jindrich Hanzel
November 11, 2008
Rating for this model: Jindrich Hanzel has been Rated 7.8 starsJindrich Hanzel has been Rated 7.8 stars Total Votes: 416
Photographer Rating: Jindrich Hanzel has been Rated 4.8 starsJindrich Hanzel has been Rated 4.8 stars  Total Votes: 58

Age:  19
Location:  Usti nad Labem
Job:  Economy Student
Hobby:  Sport
Sport:  UFC, Kickbox
Food:  Kolaches
Music:  Ironik
Produced by William Higgins
He pushes his boxer briefs down slowly, giving you just a peak of what he's got underneath. From his bright blue eyes, blond hair and perfectly toned body Jindrich is ready to seduce you! Rubbing his trimmed chest hair, he whacks his huge uncut cock squirting his man juice across his muscular legs.
Latest Comments:
2/18/14--gentlemen still prefer blondes !! Gorgeous guy but hope he has more cum for his regular partner(s).
What a fuckin fit guy !!! I adore his pink hole that just begs to be fucked. He is one handsome guy and to die for. Jis cock is fine in my book !!
Another hot guy and another video with a rubbish cumshot. How difficult is it to show a dude shooting his load.
Hard to find fault here. Amazing how the studio comes up with this consistent quality of models. Jindrich has such a wonderful body and like funston I appreciate a nice pair of buttocks as well as the treasure within. Perhaps because I am enraptured with Jindrich he has lovely soft skin where the hair does not grow making me want to reach out and gently stroke him.
The white spot on the otherwise perfect butt spoiled it for me, but only a small critic, otherwise beautiful, and natural. Thanks
In defense of Higgins, I'm one who likes the multiple similar shots...sometimes one in the similar series is exactly right for me. Also Higgins seems to appreciate a nice butt for the lovely curves of the two cheeks together. Other photogs are obsessed with a series of close-up "twat shots" without ever showing the beauty of the butt cheeks themselves.
A beautiful and hard boy - to love...
The number of identical pictures is a bore. But that's Higgins. Model is prime beauty though his shaved pubes is a big mistake diminishing his manliness. And so many pics are of his hands covering what one wants to see. Prick and foreskin are magnificent but balls just average. Still I wouldn't mind a go at the cock sucking it to climax and drinking Jindrich's juice till it dries up. Nice pecs and tits. Could lick and suck almost all of Jindrich. Blondes forever.
A truly hot, beautiful guy with a great body and prick and balls. I'd love to make love to him. My only complaints are minor: too many shots of the same thing in the stills and, you guys might not agree, but he's not quite as handsome as i'd like him to be.
This one makes me hotter then I can be at this moment! He certainly gets the juices flowing. My manhood stands at attention for this hot model! R.R. Pearce
I love this model, He is handsome, and has gorgeous naked body, awesome ass views. cum shot was hard to catch on video, angle could have been better. Any, juicy cock and balls. very suckable, And i would like those sweet ass cheeks anytime
Model 7.5, photos, 6
This guy is so hot my screen almost melted! Nice tits and an incredible ass i could tongue for days. Could have done without the foot pictures, but i would love to suck his beautiful balls and take every inch of his manhood down my willing throat!!
There is nothing horrid about a flaccid penis, especially uncut (that is how they are supposed to be!)That is my issue with William Higgins, not enough shots of them, usually left to the shower shots (generally omitted on Badpuppy, but not on Higgins own site - brill!). Multi-frame shots are great you can find some spot on poses, but side on views are rare. For me I wish body hair is left natural, much more interesting and horny with what ever man-covering we have! Jindrich is a blond beauty
One of the world's great beauties. I agree, though, a little less flesh on the thighs. Still he is a glory and most suckable with his magnificent uncut cock. Yes, a good picture of his flaccid prick would have been an additional plus. What a chest and nipples; and balls. Just to have in bed for a few hours...I'd have him in ecstasy by my adoration and licking ,nibbling, smooching and sucking. He is my Adonis! I kiss your cock and balls - and lips.
Blonde... Handsome... Beautiful Body... Uncut a 10+ for me.
Body looks great to me - if you like feet,they were amazing. Anyone notice the photographer? He could be the model sometime.
Stop moaning, for fuck's sake. Don't look at all the pics if you think there are too many, and have you never heard of the fast forward button?
handsome... and a nice bod... but not my type.
I'd guess that in the Czech lands as in most European countries, few men are cut unless they are from Jewish or Moslem families. Such were my observations in 20 yrs in Europe anyway. Perhaps someone at BP will register another complaint about a video WAY LONGER than we need them to be and I agree with other comments about FEWER photos when so many are repetitive; was there a still of the cumming ? There should alwayys be and if there was here, I missed it.
Blonde, beautiful and JUICY - WH you & your crew have a great eye for manflesh! Just gotta make them smile more - he's a 10 for me!
wtf wait all this time to see hard where is the soft first get the dam clothes off this sucks. and he could loose a few pounds. poor countries never get cut to bad. *3
I think I have this figured out. Czech's have really horrible flacid penis's.. That's why Higgins never includes those pics of his models with a flacid penis.
Again with the multi-frame shots taken milliseconds apart. Handosme guy but too many similar pics.
Another of those Czech beauties. Must be heaven to live there :-) And… they are all uncut
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