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Jiri Karasek
September 16, 2003
Rating for this model: Jiri Karasek has been Rated 6.9 starsJiri Karasek has been Rated 6.9 stars Total Votes: 507
Photographer Rating: Jiri Karasek has been Rated 4.5 starsJiri Karasek has been Rated 4.5 stars  Total Votes: 22

Age:  24
Location:  Chomutov, Czech Republic
Job:  Dairy Farmer Delivery
Hobby:  Playing My Guitar
Sport:  Anything Outdoors
Food:  Oblozene Chlebiky
Music:  Monkey Business
Produced by William Higgins
Latest Comments:
3/14--still a stunning and sexy model a decade later!!!
Slow to pick up that his luxuriant and I bet sweet smelling pubes looks as tho litely dusted w/ finest, sweetest and most fragrant powdered cinnamon !!
Hey, good looker ! Gorgeous package w/ such cute furry balls (even tho not big ones)---a near 10 say I even tho I don 't always agree w/ Sucker's effusions, he's justified this time.
I could go for you in a big way but I almost moved on when I saw the ropes and recognized Higgins' work. Not clear almost to end whether or not your prick was uncut. But H. would not think of that while he was on stage with his absurdities. I rated you 6 because of him but with a true photographer understanding the beauty of the male body I would have given you 8 or even 9. I want you and to suck the juice out of you and to play with all your glorious body. Keep your chest and balls for me. Be careful not to crack your well shaped big balls. I love them.
This is one goodlooking stud...with a lean muscular body...and all the extra plus's.. Why is he not in an action video's???????? He should be!!!!!!
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