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Joey Intenso
December 22, 2009
Rating for this model: Joey Intenso has been Rated 7.9 starsJoey Intenso has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 265
Photographer Rating: Joey Intenso has been Rated 4.2 starsJoey Intenso has been Rated 4.2 stars  Total Votes: 166

Age:  26
Location:  Puchov
Job:  Fitness instructor
Hobby:  Music
Sport:  Football
Food:  Indian
Music:  Acoustic
Produced by William Higgins
Euro muscle hunk Joey Intenso preps for a hard workout, flexing every ripped inch of his defined body. He strips down to his jock strap and stretches for the camera. Once he's warmed up and loose he sits back, lifts his knees then slides a slippery dildo deep inside his tight hole, which forces a creamy wad out across his 6-pack.
Latest Comments:
11/26/12--wonder how Joey gets his 1st spurt to turn 90 * before it settles on his tum ? Nick trick but somehow doubt he cd do the same each time. Anyhow, he is one big hunk & I enjoy him even tho he is not my preferred type. WHY not bring him back for this holiday season ?!!
nice package. luv that foreskin. nice cum. enjoyed Joey Intenso.
Outstanding body, smooth lickable skin, fantastic cock and ass, sweet cum shot. WOOF!
Very fit guy with an adorable ass in that jock !! I would love to fuck his hot hole for hours then let him return the favour !! Fuck yeah !!
What a build and some natural body hair left to boot WOW
nice body, but posing could be better. If you've got it, flaunt it.
OMG I would take him prisoner and stick myy tongue up that is would be so tasty...then I'd fuck him for days with toys and my cock...I can just taste it!
Very hot muscular young man. But more importantly, the cum shot was great and it was shot from two angles! Thank you so much!
Stud - great body and he's not afraid to share it and show it! He could pose for me anytime and be well rewarded for it over and over again!
i fear nedrow may be correct: Joey seems too self-confident, arrogant may be the word & that "smile" strikes me as knowing/cynical. But not to complain all the time, he has a chiselled bod (ultra muscles is NOT my dish, but let's recognize hard work and near perfection when we see it !) & can twitch that uncut monster wh/ always amuses me before delivering an im-pressive, creamy load wh/ Higgins has sense enuf to show us a 2nd time--kudos to all involved esp Joey--way to go for an Xmas gift to many.
Yum Yum
Joey is HOT!! Wish I had that creamy load in my mouth - I'd gladly swallow every drop and beg for more!
Very beautiful model. However Higgins hardly ever shows the often erotic cock unveiling in his videos. One shot it's covered and then it cuts to fully hard.
Dec 23 Really nice body and cute smile!
I agree with "nedrow" regarding the model being rather into himself, but, one has to admit, he is somewhat of a complete dish, but the video clip..., where did the heavy breathing come from, certainly not the model... must have been the photographer ?, top marks again Mr Higgins, and thank you, "Joey"
I have been with Badpuppy since almost the first you can on the Web. This is the best model you have ever had. He has it all. I do not understand how the judging system works. I just know I gave him a 5 but the system only showed a 4. I would also like to thank Badpuppy for all these years I have been with you. You are by far the best Website on the Internet. And have given me so much pleasure. Also thanks for my special rate you give me. I just wish there was something I could do for you. Rebel4 jgmills
Joey is a great stud! He has all a man needs. Thanks.
Joey Instenso gives you everything thing you want in a man. Nice everything, juicy love hole, thick cock, lots of creamy cum. Thanks Joey! Flash
I trust Joey will continue his work outs. Studly guy with a normal hardon. He appeared to me to have an atttitude, like he was saving the world or something jerking off for us. For me, he's too much into himself, self-centered, probably insecure. Who knows. There are a lot of other fish in this pond.
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