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Karel Ceman
September 22, 2009
Rating for this model: Karel Ceman has been Rated 8.1 starsKarel Ceman has been Rated 8.1 stars Total Votes: 317
Photographer Rating: Karel Ceman has been Rated 4.0 starsKarel Ceman has been Rated 4.0 stars  Total Votes: 219

Age:  18
Location:  Prostejov
Job:  Student of Science
Hobby:  Airsoft
Sport:  Parkour
Food:  Mexican
Music:  Rock
Produced by William Higgins
Skinny bottom boy Karel throws his legs in the air while he sucks on a giant cock lollipop. He spreads his candy ass, then rubs the wet sucker around the the rim of his open hole. With a little self teasing, his dick grows rock hard then he squirts a sticky wad across his abs.
Latest Comments:
Amazing. WOW!!!
This athletic boy is very hot, and he shows his butthole opened after the workout (amazing shot). I missed a bit longer video where we had enjoyed him in exciting underwear during the workout and doing more hole playing, 10 minutes were not enough to show everything in a proper way. More videos like this would fantastic.
I am just floored by how beautiful this fella is. I played it over and over and will dream from now on! This is the new perfection!!
For once, not too much negativity from the members.I always think Higgins is one of the best, and again here, he proves my point. Excellent model,beautifully presented
This has to be one of the very best guys. Absolutely beautiful body, face, skintone, body hair - oh - and cock too!!! What a great show - the way he relaxes his hole is amazing and seeing his lubed torso as he cums is an absolute joy. All we could wish for is better quality video reproduction.
Does it for me.
Is Karel's last name misspelled? Cause I just dumped a bucket of it on my abs! Start with his alluring smile, kiss him smell his pits, ream his butt, suck his dick and finish off by licking the salt from his armpits. All of the above for 24-7.Somebody out there is in Czech heaven and I envy the heck out of it! Great camera work. By the way I envy the photographer also.
Thank you thank you for two video shots of the cum shot! What a gorgeous young man...I thought the photos were hot and then I saw the video! I am sure Karel is in the Higgins stable by now and making movies and I wish I were there to direct (my cock into his hole). Hair in all the right places, big hard nipples, abs to die for, sheathed cock, lovely balls; pour on the lube and lets slip and slide our way into 2010! And he smiles all the time! What do you mean no smile? This kid is HOT with a capital H!
Beautiful boy and lousy photography. I have this dumb idea in my head that gay men like dick. This would be a good set if it was a little more than a quick movie and then calling the movie frames a photo set What's there is good, but where are the close-ups of body parts? If we are going to do photo sets let's do them. I'd love to see close-ups of this young man. It is very dissapointing to see such a good looking guy photographed so poorly. William Higgins is capable of so much more.
Karel is beautiful young Man. Perfect body i like Him.Very very very....nice Guy.Thanks
A great boy with a wonderful show. Thanks.
Bravo! This horny hottie is a 10.
It's about the hole...yes please & yum. What a stunner.
Wouldn't mind sucking on Karel's cock-pop.
WH.. did very well again.. thanks
Another fantastic winner from Higgins.Some great development on this 18 year old...nice upper body...arms, chest and good ab definition. That cock grows nicely from great looking thick pubes, and that hairy ass hole is a site to behold! Simply a beautiful hole, primed and all ready for us to partake fully. That has to be this bois number one asset to say the open invitation! The stretch is simply a gorgeous site to behold. The thick creamy load is also a delight. Nice to see a Higgins model without all the many props for a change....and straight to it action. A winner here indeed!
Agree with everyone on this boy...but I miss WH's usual huge number of photos. Some complain about the large number of pix in WH shoots, by I'm one of those who loves them!
Karel Ceman is an extraordinary young Man! Beautiful everything! Most open and inviting 'love hole' I have yet to see; Karel must work to keep himself so open? He's a keeper! Thank Karel. Flash
A vy young cutie but still a find; seldom smiles (Higgins and other studios need to work on this and give us dialogue as well if model speaks Eng (I cd handle Fr and Ger as well). Interesting that balls stay down during cum and that Karel can pull his foreskin OVER the engorged penis--a touch I always love to see)> WHY not award him an 8.5 ?His chute has an enormous opening--like cigar, I'm guessing it seen "a bit" of use !!
Sweet little stud - thanks WH- you keep finding this fresh meat for us - not an inch on his frame that isn't worth sportin' some spit and love juices right down to his toes! yumm!
gedwa, ditto. Karel has a unique physic: a classic male youth you never get tired of looking at. He'd be naked at my place all the time. His georgeous soft cock, plump and hard shaft along with his noteable love tunnel -- sooo nice. He enjoys the entire performance.
Nice show. When he gets it right as in this shoot Higgins is still a master.
Quite the hole. Looks like it has been well used.
100% my taste, Can we adopt models?
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