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Libor Kenda
October 28, 2008
Rating for this model: Libor Kenda has been Rated 8.0 starsLibor Kenda has been Rated 8.0 stars Total Votes: 459
Photographer Rating: Libor Kenda has been Rated 5.3 starsLibor Kenda has been Rated 5.3 stars  Total Votes: 75

Age:  20
Location:  Kladno
Job:  Enterpriser
Hobby:  Internet, Friends
Sport:  Body-building
Food:  Cakes
Music:  All
Produced by William Higgins
This buff hard bodied European stud works out to get you all worked up! Libor takes a break from pumping to get all greased up from a helping hand on the side. Then he completes his session by stretching his tight hole and drenching himself in the shower.
Latest Comments:
Outstandingly beautiful smooth muscular body with lightly fuzzy legs, amazing butt, beautiful cock and adorable looks. WOOF! Would love to see how he matured.
7/9/13--Libor has unusual features: vy fine Apollo's girdle; bantam eggs maybe but plenty of jism in them !; piss slit big enuf for 2 streams to pee out!!
Libor has gone by so many names: Paulie, Woody Pepino, Angelos Guardini, Angelo Guardino, Paolo Verdi but is mostly known by his Bel Ami moniker, Ennio Guardi.
Look no further than this month's streaming video theater "Well Hung", 977aladean. First movie has Libor being serviced by a cute lad, ending in a messy facial. Both this and the model shoot date from 2008.
Gorgeous model, who is at present on the Sexy Mens Directory I right possibly remebering him, modelling for Bel Ami? Please help.
really very beautifull boy.I would like in such scenary the guy plays lore with some tghties whities, and more, whit sleek nylon or silk i,y bkinis or Gstrings, or thongs, that wolb be great watching it apperaing when oprning hisd jeans fly, and then stroking, grabing tuching it a long teim...and why some time, not sniffing his jeans fly and some other briefs bulges...Many of souclients are fond of jeans fly, bwhiute breifs, tiny white bikinis games, mainly with such a eautiful and sensual guy...
i was completely mesmerized by this " DAVID " like young sensual model. incredibly beautiful long good size hard cock & nice hanging balls. was amazed to see the balls hanging all thru the performance. NICE bubble butt, nice arse & a copious amount of cum. one thing i miz pubic hair. Really enjoyed this video. Thanks WILLIAM HINGINS for a beautiful video & photography !
9/30/11--Libor sports one BIG talleywhacker for a guy of what seems to be average/moderate hieght!! Plentiful cum & thx for the 2nd round of cumming. Did no one else notice that huge pee in the shower--nice for a change altho it might get tiresome in each Higgins shower. Libor should return w/ a hot blond for a duo!!
Gorgeous boy! Wish the cameraman had lost more of his clothing and been a part of the action!
Libor Kenda is a male work of art! His photographer is a MORON! Libor needs a real professional photograher to shoot his great body!
Great model.
I just want to taste his ass so bad, stick my fingers up his ass and open him up...that would be so hot before I fucked him. He is so beatiful and sexy.
Libor, if that is his name, has really done the rounds, every inch of him is gorgeous, I just notice that 2 or 3 years on from this Wm. Higgins shoot, he has reappeared, still looking gorgeous, on the "Sexy men directory" with another name.
Libor has looks a plenty, maybe a little dull in personality to let the photo man play w/ him & return nothing. Old Higgins & CO can't seem to keep hands to themselves (not that I really object !) or find some new presentation methods. BP, you are wasting space w/ 5 full pp of stills--3 wd have been enuf.
Oh Boy what a sexy lad. very very sexy
I would like down for him
Awesome video - one of the most erotic and sensual shoots I've ever seen! Libor really knows how to play to the camera - he's a natural Narcissus :o) And what a bod/cock/face! I found his video and pics on New Year's Day; what a lovely way to see in 2009 :o)
A good video wirh a hot man.
Nothing really has some hot young teens and hunks.....
Wow, these Czech boys are something else. Handsome, nice bodies, and the armoury is well stocked. Must be something in the diet, and wish I had it. Libor is a perfect specimen of Czech manhood.
Great body lovely dick, and hairy arse, don't care much for the trimmed pubes, or William Higgins facination of greasing his models up, unusual photospread for him, not very good and would have liked more uncut shots
congratulations! you've achieved a first, tho not a good one. what in the world was the photographer thinking of? this model who has a truly terrific body did not look at the camera once! all he seemed interested in was looking at himself...not very interesting for the viewer! hopefully this sort of thing will not become the norm for your models.
I really wanted the camera man to put the camera on a tripod and get naked and seriously worship Libor all over. Give Libor someplace to put his cock.
A fine model with an outstanding body, great equipment, and a very cute face.
A cute, lovely boy with a great body he's built for himself. It was nice to see the photographer's hands on him, i guess so i could fantasize doing the same. One of the best young models ever, but i do agree with others who said that there was too much gym equipment, especially obscuring what you naturally wanted to see.
A lovely sensual video, compensating for a lackluster view of still shots, where the ovewelming interest appears to be exercise equipment which covered the interesting sex organs. The lovely ass shots of the stills lacked interesting views of a boner and balls pushed out between the thighs. This photoshoot of stills does not represent the great Higgins style, I'm sure. But I found the video exciting and very orgasmic. even down to the pee shot in the shower. The cum shot was very awesome indeed.
Truly an Adonis - W Higgins has proven again that those EEuros are wonderful specimens - just wished it was smell-o-vision too!
awesome bod..... and beautiful cock! He can do me anytime he wants!
the model is gorgeous - the "remote hands" are great - is it possible, that the cam-boy fell in love with his theme? i guess i would ;)
Abobe average body, cock and balls greatly diminished by no pubes, and body stubble. Too bad.
What a perfect body,a perfect 10 ,if I ever saw one.Video was ok for me
I could watch him for hours and hours and still want more.
This was almost more than my old heart could take.
Love him. Too many shots perhaps but when a model is as easy on the eye as Libor that is a very minor quibble.
a great looking guy! but I won't bother to download the video- who needs to watch a guy work out on weights for 20 minutes- as boring as the model shoots from the 1950's - and the photos - some great ones scattered around in there - but too many where he moved- wait.. I think a whole centimeter- def. need to be edited down .... :)
What a gorgeous lad! And Wm Higgins is the best. I wouldn't change a thing, you moaners!
Libor Kenda is a great model. It's a pity that Higgins took the pictures with a machine gun instead of a camera. FAR too many pictures make the series boring.
A high score, an 8 for me; but why, oh why, can't Bad Puppy staff EDIT the excellent output of Wm Higgins ? There were, at a minimum, three times the number of stills we want or need. Even the video, at 25 mins., SHOULD have been 15 at the most. I hope those who agree will also speak up. I would not prefer to be writing this at 1 am, but some of us get home late, like to view before sleep but still would rather be asleep by midnite or 12:30
Hmmmm! I want him! lol But so many pics and such little variety in the shots...too bad.
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