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Lukas Novy
October 19, 2010
Rating for this model: Lukas Novy has been Rated 7.9 starsLukas Novy has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 255
Photographer Rating: Lukas Novy has been Rated 6.8 starsLukas Novy has been Rated 6.8 stars  Total Votes: 197

Age:  25
Location:  Usti nad Labem
Job:  Construction
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Tennis
Food:  Steak
Music:  Dance
Produced by William Higgins
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Lukas is just plain hot! William Higgins does it again with this absolute Adonis. He's got abs you could wash clothes on and an ass that just won't quit. He also has a huge dick and eyes that you could stare at for days, what a hunk!
Latest Comments:
Looks like that things been tampered with to me. All the better.
being a certified ass expert, i hereby declare that mouth drooling set of orbs belonging to luke novy to be of superior quality. if god created a more luscious pair of gluts i have yet to discover them.
11/25/12--i diplomatic cables when esp'ly outrageous fact is reported,one may well read at the vy. end "Comment: none needed" Same here w/ Lukas. Just say WOW & thx to Higgins & BP !!!
oh dear another failure due to shaving - did ya now men have body hair it is varied on us all - you'd never believe it on 'ere - look someone has pubes - where only kidding they are few & far between
OK, the background is a little busy and the posing is kind of cheesy but damnit, Higgins always has two angles of the "money shot" and for that I love him! Lukas is fuking hot!
Very close to perfection. Love the almost continual eye contact. Love it that he knows it's not necessary to smile like a hinny all the time. Love it that he keeps the socks on those elegant feet until he thinks it's time to give you a new thrill. This guy may be a real ge ius at giving us guys a vicarious thrill. I for ome would love it to be real..I'd never tire of him. I'd even learn Czech.
Great body and hot balls. This guy can score his load in me easy.
Just look at this boi!.....that chest, the nips the cock, that wonderful ass and hole that breathes more attention deeply. It might be added that that ass could be in the running for this boi's best asset. Certainly nice to see a nicely developed physique, great Abs and a terrific overall complete bod on display. Nice cum shot to finish this presentation....all in all a most winning combination from Higgins and a joy to watch!
the kinda of guys you love to meet you at your doorway every night after a hard day work to make it a hard night with that great bod and a cock to suck for hours
Outstanding chest and excellent smooth body. Beautiful cock and bals, sexy smile and sweet ass. This is a fantastic example of the male physique. WOOF!
I would like to add to the previous eloquent compliments of this guy---beautiful balls.
We got the whole story in ten minutes of video. Well done!
I could eat him from head to toe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WH has found one hot stud - that ass is just waiting to be used by some other hot stud and then he can use the rest over and over again - adonis falls short of his body and I am sure he has one sweet grunt when he gets goin - Euros make me heat up - love you LUKAS!
Okay alancharles: this model with it's natural muscles - surely grown without anabolics - is mere cuteness. The photoshoot with it's decent surroundings, with it's sombre colours - leopard cloth, zebra underwear, blood red window - is nothing else than true art. These cushions! This arrangement of dry weed! Evidence of autumn! Hail Higgins! Hail!
A wonderful hot guy. Nice video. Thanks.
I've mentioned the young Czech man that I developed a "professional relationship" with back in the early '90s/ I mentioned he had a son. Philip was from Usti, North of Prague, on the way to Dresden by train. I'm wondering how that 'boy' grew up. This one has his mother's mouth for sure, from the eyes up, his dad.... The tits I think are from his mother and perhaps the dick from her side as well, though Philip wasn't at a loss down there.... What a vile creature I am for thinking of taking advantage of this boy "Lukas" though Philips son was not Lukas, and thinking of doing the same to the son as the father... I should go to hell for that,,, but I can't help myself.. You understand, don't you ???? Just look at that 'cushion of love' and that 'mangina' begging to be used!!!!
WoW ! gorgeous man ! beautiful asshole. What a hunk. luv him. hot hot hot.
OK, having an uncontrollable nipple fetish, I almost came in my pants when Lukas took off his shirt! What a beautiful man!
Lukas - Lukas - Yes - Yes - nice and fun love the body - would like to see more of him
He seems to have misplaced most of his body hair... hope it turns up!
What a doll. This guy is all man. I loved his boyish looking face, big succulent nipples, his nice full lips, the hair running down from his navel to his crotch, great looking ass,the shots of his man pussy, beautiful eyes, nice big cock, body builder's build, he's everything that I would want, so much so, that I would have to have a home based business, so that I wouldn't have to ever leave the house, and I could make love to him morning noon and night 24/7. I ate him on the screen over and over again. Thank you for that opportunity.
Of course, there's room for superb quality as in the wrap-around-window. He's got a nice build. Other than that, who knows of any guy who'd stand there feeling himself up all over, all the time: with the excitement of a wrap-around-window. It's classic WH. Old fashioned at best today. Bloring. Dull. WH, in my opinion, should retire.
Love this model, a little bit older and hunkier so much the better. Let people crticize if they want alancharles, less competition for like minded people such as you and I!
Again, I return. Thank you Lukas, you are magnificent, and Thank you Jeff and all at Badpuppy... You are still the best website around. Thank you all so much
PLEASE....fellow members....NO negative comments about this model....and NO negative comments about Wiliam Higgins... both are superb, but no doubt I will be reading otherwise.... its so sad, and I wonder if anything of quality, can get through to some.Santa... if you have room in your sack could you find room for Lukas, for me,please?
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