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August 29, 2009
Rating for this model: Luke has been Rated 8.3 starsLuke has been Rated 8.3 stars Total Votes: 337
Photographer Rating: Luke has been Rated 4.4 starsLuke has been Rated 4.4 stars  Total Votes: 236

Age:  22
Location:  Poland
Job:  Driver
Hobby:  Snakes
Sport:  Judo
Food:  Polish
Music:  Hard Rock
Produced by Jacek
Like a Greek God posing and flexing through every erotic scene, Luke shows off his defined physique and seductive personality. Watch as he forces his perfect hairy asshole up in the air, then flips over to jerk his uncut erection, squeezing a slippery load through his clinched fist.
Latest Comments:
I must say this man has taken very good care of himself, Beautiful display that mimics "The Statue OF DAVID." Bravo for the find and Bravo for getting him to Show it All OFF.
This man is so unbelievably gorgeous that I'm at a loss for words. If anyone has seen him anywhere else please let us all know where. This man could be my new obsession.
This guy really has star quality: beautifully proportioned physique, handsome face, and erotic sexuality. Does anyone know whether there are other photo sets (or videos)of him after 2009- possibly under his surname, or another name altogether? Thanks for this posting, but I'd sure like to see more of him!
Full marks for both guy and photographer. Glad he has no tattoos. I would like to take him to lunch. xxx
What ever nationality he's gorgeous
He doen't look polish. He looks latino. What an awesome ballsac and 6 pack ab!!
10 for the model but only 2 for the photographer.
was going to ask for 10 of him, but hell ONE, IS MORE THAN ANYONE CAN ASK FOR..... Lover and i just busted. thank you.
Unclear poor video. Too bad, for the model is desirable and juicy.
Luke is a beautiful man. The video quality should be better...
Luke is magnificent! He is too beautiful to be a human; Luke must be a god! Everything about Luke is more than what I would expect to see. Beautiful face, sculpted to perfection body, sensuous jeans, underwear, hair pattern; open, inviting love hole. Nice cock head and dripping cum. Luke inspires me to leak and pant for him! Thanks Luke! flash
Luke really is a god! Or at least he's got the body of one--not a classic Greek god, who would be more beefy--but a god in the present mode. He's my 10! Perfect in every way. A lovely, handsome guy. A fantasticly developed body, an awesomely tight, arching cock, the kind which drives me wild. The close-up stills put you near enough to suck it, which I'd dearly like to do. And, those balls are beautiful as well. Luke is a real man, whose personality even comes across in some of the stills--a truly masculine man--with the body of a god! I can't think of any model here I'd rather be in bed with. Or have fuck me.
An absolute stunning model here....presenting a fantastic overall physique....look at those abs and upper body...great to see the hairy legs. Lovely uncut cock with good pubes display together with a great hot load. Must agree the overall video quality is not the best and the lighting could certainly be improved. Overall a winner indeed....very close to perfection!
Great looking guy. If I could have any body I wish for, it would be his. Nice toned muscles, great definition and shape. His cock is mmmm good also.
Great looking guy in almost every way. I appreciate the natural pubes---just wish there was some hair on that chest! But a solid five stars from me.
I'd suck Luke without batting an eye.
FOMG - he made me late for work and dreamy all day - WAFH perfect in every way - a Polish god, the movie clarity was so so but was focused on a model that gave it HIS ALL! A 10+!
PS And I forgot to compliment naturally curly pubes and a vy fine and well defined scrotum !!
MY GOD--what a cheezy studio:they give this handsome stud toilet paper to clean up w/ and WORSE, PAN AWAY just as he has launched what must have been an impressive cumming !!! Gimme a break--BP send them some tech. advice soonest. But all this not Luke's fault--he's full of fur (pits and ass) plus charm and SEX APPEAL. That curved sickle of a cock has no doubt harvested plenty of Polish grain (as well as some from neighboring lands, like Ger., I'll bet. Bodacious nips on top of everything else !! Luke makes me hope that if not thinking of immigrating (whole areas in Brooklyn are now largely Polish), that at least he'll pay a visit to his Polish friends in Amer. AND make some new friends as well. Damn close to a 10 but still sorry there are not more stills and cross about the damned video.
The dial-up video is really terrible quality, again.
handsome guy- terrible video
S-W-E-E-E-E-T !!!!!!!!!!!
WOW! Luke is one of the best models you have ever had on this site. He is just beautiful. What a handsome man with such a beautiful body from his head to his toes, this guy is all man and all yummy!!!
OMG, Luke is absolutely perfect. from the tip of his beautiful uncut dick, his amazing scrotum, his chest, his tits, his ass, his beautiful face. 10++++
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