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Marek Valenta
July 20, 2006
Rating for this model: Marek Valenta has been Rated 7.8 starsMarek Valenta has been Rated 7.8 stars Total Votes: 633
Photographer Rating: Marek Valenta has been Rated 5.5 starsMarek Valenta has been Rated 5.5 stars  Total Votes: 37

Age:  26
Location:  Ostrava, Czech Republic
Job:  Purchase Administrator
Hobby:  Modeling
Sport:  Working out at the Gym
Food:  Kottety Pozharskie
Music:  Hypnotix
Produced by William Higgins
Latest Comments:
7/8/13--better to find him later than never BUT it takes one back to old times to read 3 (!) usckerboy posts. luizzacs gets the popint over more succinctly.
Marek is so hot he should come with a warning!
Looks like a bottle blonde to me. Other hair is a lot darker.
hot butt
Boy, would I enjoy drinking every drop of cum you produce, Marek. Your balls and cock are exquisite as is the rest of you. But your cream beats all.
A blond "cutie" here showing a nicely worked-out physique with some good definition which is always good to see. Nice hairy legs together with the pube area and that uncut meat is a wonderful asset. The comment made...." a sparkling blond jewel" is certainly be-fitting this hot boi!
Still longing to get between your tits and between your legs and to have prick and both balls in my mouth. You make me faint with desire and with thirst for your rich juices and the perfume of your entire crotch area. Want to be tightly imprisoned by your long gracious legs and my face pressed hard against your splendid endowments. Want to lick your buns and enjoy their flavor. Want YOU.
A great beauty!
Marek, you are a blonde god, maddeningly handsome and tempting. Majestic cock with ample foreskin for play and balls of glory. Your handsome face drives me wild with desire, your lips and mouth - want to have at them, your manly chest, pecs and tits, my tongue itches for them, your shapely body, your pubes, your splendid legs which I want wrapped around me, that royal uncut prick which I could suck from now to doomesday and your weighty balls. Could spend years working your crotch and groin areas. Will you let me? You'll be out of this world.
wonderful sexy model with very huggable smooth naked body, with very suculent cock and lickalbe balls. Nice ass also. He is a very prolific cum producer, and can make many a mouth happily filled.
What a sparkling blond jewel !
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