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Marian Borovy & Damien Cert
December 15, 2009
Rating for this model: Marian Borovy & Damien Cert has been Rated 7.5 starsMarian Borovy & Damien Cert has been Rated 7.5 stars Total Votes: 196
Photographer Rating: Marian Borovy & Damien Cert has been Rated 4.2 starsMarian Borovy & Damien Cert has been Rated 4.2 stars  Total Votes: 136

Model:  Marian Borovy
Age:  23
Location:  Zilina
Job:  Unemployed
Hobby:  Rock'n'Roll, Acrobatic Dancing
Sport:  Billiards
Food:  Burgers
Music:  Rock'n'Roll
Model:  Damien Cert
Age:  23
Location:  Krnov
Job:  Car Wash
Hobby:  Music, Dance, Reading
Sport:  Football, Box, Thai-box
Food:  Italian
Music:  Everything
Produced by William Higgins
Hairy Euro fuck buds Marian Borovy & Damien Cert start off with a passionate kiss, then move down South for some HOT deep throat action. Waiting for a hard hole pounding, Damien lifts his knees letting Marian's wet tongue slip in, just before slamming him with his big uncut cock.
Latest Comments:
PS 2/13--is Damien's hair job the least attractive ever seen?? But his sickle cock & sac w/ balls down & well defined even as he comes---these are ++'s !! Agree they make a nice pairing & that M. should groan w/ less frequency & volume.
11/26/12--guess it's the same Marion who soloed 8/31/04 but he seemed blonder and smiled more than !! Anyway, altho I LIKE natural fur all over I give M. credit for licking a REALLY HAIRY arr on D. That much fur wd put me off but as we know, diff.strokes for diff. folks. Agree w/ earlier posts that they make a hot pair from just 3 yrs ago--but if M. was 23 in '04...?
I'd like Damien to get his pubes back - apart from that VERY nice
In typical Higgins fashion--not even close ups of cocks
Great guys...very sexy..loved that pumping into that hairy hole but a big turn-off was the moaning. I love the REAL moaning, I like to hear what my partner is feeling when I fuck him but this?...had to turn off my speakers
WH never uses their hot models for these kinds of shoots. shame.
Loved it when the smooth guy fucked the hairy guy....that nice cock going in and out of that hairy ass....great! These guys seemed totally into the sex and that is great also. And if you don't like the moaning, TURN OFF THE SOUND!
What's with that horrible dubbed soundtrack? All that moaning and no mouths moving. That was enought to make me stop it early.
Unaccustomed as I am to Reviewing Duos (this is a first)...I am drawn to these two hot Higgins' Models and then there is a always a first for everything. Absolutely love these hairy bois...especially Damien....fantastic chest,legs and especially that lovely hairy asshole which takes a good fuck and he handles that well. Marian certainly knows how to eat which is great to see ...and devouring that hairy hole is a real treat.....the hairy ass glistens nicely! A real good cum shoot by both here and nice to see Damien enjoy Marian's cock trying to lap up the very last drop of love juice. These bois are paired very well and appear a winning combination.
Usually like solos, but if I could get both of those cocks in my mouth at the same time -- YUM!!!!
Love hairy cute guys too and these ones are very sexy. If the top had groan less and the bottom more, it would be perfect!
What the fuck they could be more attractive. I thought they were both hot. Loved the hairy ass and hairy legs. We need more of that at this site. Tired of the smooth assed twinks. I like the hairy ones. This was a great show from intro to cum shot.
Lovely to see a couple of the more mature models enjoying themselves.W.H. does these so well thank you William, very much
love them.... great looks, cocks, sex appeal.. fantastic to find so much body hair.. will watch this again soon..
Nice boys - they could be more active...
I love the hairy chests and full 'bushes' and hairy legs and the 'love hole' getting 'fed' with juicy cock. Nice, young Man meat all around. Thanks guys for putting yourself out here for all our enjoyment. Merry Christmas! Flash.
Damn yummy watching these two boys go at it! Makes me glad I'm a cocksucker and that they enjoyed each other...nice morning wood, thanks WH!
Great couple and great passion, all hard and raring to go although the moaning was a bit of a distraction. Would love to see the roles reversed some time and perhaps solos.
Nice couple--except for the tats, of course.
Nice couple, Marian and Damien. Loved Damien's cock hard when he unzipped his pants. Loved the way it twichted when he sucked Marian. Loved the way Marian lappped Damien's dripppping, spent cock. True romance. Made sense to me.
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