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Mati Lorentz-Brunn
August 19, 2003
Rating for this model: Mati Lorentz-Brunn has been Rated 7.7 starsMati Lorentz-Brunn has been Rated 7.7 stars Total Votes: 555
Photographer Rating: Mati Lorentz-Brunn has been Rated 3.6 starsMati Lorentz-Brunn has been Rated 3.6 stars  Total Votes: 29

Age:  22
Location:  Pardubice, Czech Republic
Job:  Pharmacy assistant
Hobby:  Being with friends
Sport:  Working out
Food:  Kottety Pozharskie
Music:  Buty
Produced by William Higgins
Latest Comments:
lol this ass nice and tight
Nice chap, good looking with an admirable body. It's a shame his photo collection are such tiny photos. They do him no justice. This young man should be admired up close.
Cngrats on your great uncut prick; condolences on your photgrapher. Love to have that cock in my mouth just resting there before I began the licking sucking work leading to your load exploding in my greedy hungry cum-loving mouth. I 'd not omit pleasuring you, kissing your sweet mouth, tongueing your handsome face, licking your chest, torso and pubes, sucking hard on your tits, and playing in every imaginable way with your balls. Your magnificent legs and inner thighs, would call for special attention by my tongue. W'd have fun. Feed me your juice, please.
One of the hottest guys in here! Handsome, great build, nice cock, good cum and lots of it. And a wonderful, winning smile that is sexy as hell and could win my heart in a minute--well, it did!
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