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Michal Santos
April 26, 2005
Rating for this model: Michal Santos has been Rated 7.8 starsMichal Santos has been Rated 7.8 stars Total Votes: 692
Photographer Rating: Michal Santos has been Rated 5.2 starsMichal Santos has been Rated 5.2 stars  Total Votes: 40

Age:  23
Location:  Czech Republic
Job:  Electrician
Hobby:  Chess
Sport:  Anything Outdoors
Food:  Italian
Music:  90's/classsic rock
Produced by William Higgins
Latest Comments:
Beutyful !!!
I love this guy,A MAN !!!
2/13--strange sac--bulges & pimples but not really objectionable--guess now that he's 30, it cd be time for another look!!!
1/29/13--7 yrs later still agorgeous kid wh/ the (former)poster (& member??) suckerboy really favored---but why some 20 shots of him holding his admittedly vy tool? When he began to spew some undoubtedly fine jism, my interest was renewed BUT really silly to show 20 x's the same thing.
Oh Michal; you long legged angel... come down from there and lay next to me. Wrap your legs around my hips and let me make slow dream like love to you. Long strokes, long kisses, long days and nights of spilling my passion into your belly. Heaven on Earth. Love under the sheets. Long, slow love....Perfection
Even Higgins detractors would be hard pushed to criticize this shoot, Michal is too delicious for words
Michal, you seem to have more precum than cum. I like both but need lots more of the real juice. Your body is perfection and I love your hairiness, light on tits and balls but thick and comforting everywhere else, particularly between your gorgeous legs. I lick every hair on your body! And I could spend a week between your legs - inner thighs and behind knees in those inviting dimples. Love every muscle in arms, shoulders, chest, belly and all over. Higgins has some great back shots showing your athletic physique. I'd need you for a few months to explore all you have to offer. But you'd have to feed me with juice.
A proud young man...
The pubes, the hairy legs, the hairy ass just add to this guy's appealing features!
Still waiting for you, Michal, and a hearty drink from your beautiful balls via your magnificent prick. My thirst grows worse with each passing day. Want to bury my face in every part of your body, especially between your shapely legs. Want to chew on your buttocks, your throat and under your arms.
Michal, even your precum looks tasty and your cock seems to be dripping precum constantly. Wouln't mind a good slug of it though it could not substitute for your orgiastic juices. Never saw a more finely chiseled body - not an ounce of fat. Glorious prick, glorious balls, nice suckable tits, handsome lickable kissable face, neck, shoulders in fact everywhere. What a beauty - nothing like a true male for aesthetic and sensuous sexual enjoyment. I am yours -pleasure giver-in-chief to Michal. Want to drink from the spouting fountain of your cum. CUM FOR ME.
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