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Norber Lugosi
January 8, 2011
Rating for this model: Norber Lugosi has been Rated 8.0 starsNorber Lugosi has been Rated 8.0 stars Total Votes: 281
Photographer Rating: Norber Lugosi has been Rated 6.9 starsNorber Lugosi has been Rated 6.9 stars  Total Votes: 223

Age:  22
Location:  Budapest, Hungary
Job:  Escort
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Gym
Food:  Italian
Music:  Trance
Produced by Andrea Vixen
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Slim, natural and beautiful would be the words to describe Norber Lugosi. This thickly hung, Hungarian has a beautiful smile and a hot member. We think any gay man would be happy to find this beaut on their couch!
Latest Comments:
Getting excited until he turned around - oh dear!
Query: can anyone remember a cock more roughly handled or stroked in more different ways & directions to get to cumming? I think norber may set a record on these points.
Cheerful guy apparently w/ his fine smile & appreciate the hairy pits as well. Well defined balls even if the cum might be called scanty--and why can't he leave it as it fell, rather than moving in so quickly to smear it together? I always enjoy seeing the ejaculate where & as it falls. Images 104-5 don't show any ugly scars to these old eyes.
We all want to see more of Norber. Will gather signatures to sign a petition.
Norber is so hot and, yes, damn near perfect. i love everything about him, especially his beautiful cock (I love the cockhead the best!) My mouth opens wide in anticipation!!)
he has a look alike in Texas, my old Navy buddy how I wished I could have both of them.
A great Hungarian stud. Hot and - very busy...
Love that Awesome Cock of yours, and how you work it to climax, and nice cum shot too.
one of the best cum shoot ever what a man
let's go to budapest he is outstanding his virility is so obvious made for love sex and success good luck to his business
ugh!with the ugly circumcision but i want that cock
Jewish guys from every country are some of the most gorgeous and most well endowed on this planet. You should see the Israeli army. I think that's why they are the chosen people.
Geepers boys !!!! Don't you think that in all of Hungary there would not be at least "ONE hunky Jew Boy" that would like to share his 'special assets' with all of us????? The funny thing is that Norber looks just like my friend Hal in Jersey.... there being a large population of Jews whose families came from Hungary,,, in New Jersey...
very nice dude, awesome body, and a very nice cock....
very nice.. wish there had been some ass hair.. loved the cum shot on the camera lens.. perfect
hot guy ! captivating smile. lovely cock and nice pubes. luv it. nipples are great... suckable. beayoutiful body.
Two very hot models back to back for us to enjoy and this boi presents an absolute beautiful sexy package..simply gorgeous well defined physique, fantastic hairy legs together with the light hairy chest really compliment the complete package here. Just look at that massive cock - a true masterpiece indeed matched by an acceptable cum shot, although as it had been mentioned more jism would have been nice to see. Oh what a joy it would be to enjoy this boi from head to toe.... Outstanding and a winner in every sense of that word!
beautiful face and body, Nice cock. Would love to see you with a nice hairy asshole.
Sexy and well defined, lightly haired on the body with beautiful fuzzy legs, fantastic cock and smooth balls and ass. The tongue has no obstruction on the important parts. Sweet smile and lickable nips. WOOF!
Beautiful body. Great body hair. Suckable nipples. Nice facial expressions while cumming. I want to cuddle with him and lick up that load!
very surprising to see a cut Hungarian. Shot a nice load, even got the camera. I wouldn't kick him out!
Hungry for HUNGarian men! Hot young man showing off that extremely built body and those manparts - nice to see fur on a dude too - I agree, he should have had more boyjuice but with that smile and parts, I am sure everyone can't keep their hands off him!
Beautiful, need to see more like this. Just the right amount of body hair and love the circumcised look!
Stressed cum shot. Good enough body for his age.
One very hot guy, but he should have been told not to beat off for several days prior to the shoot and then to drink plenty of fluids the several hours just before the shoot.
Very nice young man but ugly circumcision, I doubt that he is from Hungary, I have seen other pictures in the same room declared as Florida or so
damn near perfect
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