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Paul Fresh
September 28, 2010
Rating for this model: Paul Fresh has been Rated 6.8 starsPaul Fresh has been Rated 6.8 stars Total Votes: 209
Photographer Rating: Paul Fresh has been Rated 6.4 starsPaul Fresh has been Rated 6.4 stars  Total Votes: 152

Age:  21
Location:  Zbuzany
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Fitness, dance, futball
Food:  Chicken
Music:  Pop and Classical
Produced by William Higgins
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William Higgins does it again! This hot European jock is just what the doctor ordered. Great body, awesome ass and the sexiest looks. Paul is a beautiful specimen of uncut Euro glory.
Latest Comments:
i'm really amazed with the sour attitudes and nitpicking details that some of our bp brethren express about a sexy dude such as paul fresh. why don't you take your foul opinions with you and join a different site. we remaining members will continue to enjoy these hot guys!
Lovely rear aspect!
love the cock and butt hole
he works for me
GET REAl! U neigtive nellies~~~ let;s get a look @ ur TRICKS
Love Uncut cocks. Keep them cuming.
Hot young man with a great body. Sweet face, especially when he pops his load.
Model 1 / Photography 9 :yup this is a definite improvement from the typical and unending repetitions William Higgins normally does. As for the model not my type. If I wanted this type, I would of camped out at the local bus depot or train station. The only good thing about this model is he does a good money shot.
I agree with alancharles, and this is a big improvement on most of Higgins sessions -- a minimum of gimmickry and noover-the-top repetition.
Handsome lad, very sensual. An occasional smile wouldn't hurt, he looks so serious.
He could have at least smiled. Oh well.
Paul's cute! I like!
handsome gorgeous dude w/ a hard gorgeous uncut dick. AND what a beautiful hairy asshole AND a lovely creamy cum. awesome !
hate the earings and tats.. but he has a nice face and body.. and than there is that fantastic ass... love to get my face in there... thanks
Handsome and sexy young euro-stud! Would have loved to see pit fur too but the parts on this boy are hot! Could imagine my face in his ass and everywhere else! WH mmmm!
Took a bit to get used to his baby/pouty face, but his body is awesome. The tats are not to my taste, but "to each his own." I wouldn't turn him away on a cold night. Cock would be a lovely mouthful.
I didn't know they were shooting sets with Neanderthals... Sorry guys - just another boring white boy....
As you state by yourself: "William Higgins does it again!" Again, again, again and again. YAWN!
Somewhere between the two previous comments although I incline to the positive. Liked the shots with his jeans and underwear round his legs.
Sorry alancharles, this dude is a real dud!
Mr Higgins has certainly done it again, what a beautiful specimen of a model. PLEASE NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT THIS BEAUTY.HE IS EXCEPTIONAL.
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