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Roland Riedl
March 16, 2010
Rating for this model: Roland Riedl has been Rated 6.9 starsRoland Riedl has been Rated 6.9 stars Total Votes: 215
Photographer Rating: Roland Riedl has been Rated 3.7 starsRoland Riedl has been Rated 3.7 stars  Total Votes: 151

Age:  20
Location:  Bruntal
Job:  Student of Management
Hobby:  Photo shooting
Sport:  Football
Food:  Brie
Music:  Girls Aloud
Produced by William Higgins
Horny bottom boy Roland Riedl spreads his hole to put on one hot Euro show! He strips down to his underwear and flips his big uncut cock over the top, then breaks out his favorite toy to shove it deep inside his ass.
Latest Comments:
A cute guy, like to suck & swallow every inch otf his dick!
The toy took away from the took away from his manliness.
I say, " loose the plastic and send that boys ass to me". That's no way to grow up, with you alone and an artificial dick... come on baby, let me show you a real thrill and what it feels like to have a real man make love to you....
Nice job William Higgins and Roland Riedl. Was the 'dildo' electric?? Thanks, Flash.
Agree in large part w/ Nedrow & Gedwa: let's see Roland w/ his shy smile & cute freckles again w/ a more dominant blonde !! But for all the beauty of that fine shaft & well defined balls, I'd be gratified far more if his cum was enuf to MORE than just dust his thankfully untrimmed bush. Come on kid--save it up longer for the viewers and see if you can shoot, NOT just dribble it out. Makes a big difference for my rating, now only 7.
Delightful cock& balls ----tasty!
Some sweet young meat - WH you've done it again. The toy the boy and the treat!
Now this is a hunk who knows how to use a toy till he cums. love it and I know the feeling if a toy or a real one is inside that hole when one cums ( i experienced it ) ... full of ecstacy.
Hot young man. Look really turned on and an insatiable hole. Hope he comes back in a shoot with a real hunk to service him.
At last, a model who actually puts a toy in and keeps it in til he cums.
Roland is distinguished by his attractive hard seven inch plus hard shaft topped with a succulent purple tongue teasing mushrooming cockhead.
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