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Roman Kucera
August 19, 2008
Rating for this model: Roman Kucera has been Rated 7.7 starsRoman Kucera has been Rated 7.7 stars Total Votes: 446
Photographer Rating: Roman Kucera has been Rated 5.6 starsRoman Kucera has been Rated 5.6 stars  Total Votes: 64

Age:  21
Location:  Kosice
Job:  Unemployed
Hobby:  Making movies
Sport:  Kick box, Free fight
Food:  Rice
Music:  None
Produced by William Higgins
This is one tattooed rocker that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Roman has dirty blond hair, a stubble goatee, and a kick-ass body. He strips out of his wife-beater and destructed jeans to show off how he loves to finger his tight hole and loose foreskin. Stick around as shoots a hot load after jerking his uncut cock.
Latest Comments:
Hot studpuppy with an excellent physique, sensual smooth body, great cock and ass, adorable face and amazing cum shot. WOOF!
PPS: OK--I admit I just can't shut up tonite at least not about Roman. His penile shaft gives a new meaning to the ancient world's name for Gibraltar'r rocks: the pillars of Hercules. And what a winning smile on those rare occasions when it's unveiled !!
PS: Roman sounds like a lion and cums like one as well for all I know; it might be a bit scary lying next to such sounds BUT there is such a thing as pleasurable anxiety, I believe. One marginal point, but one valued here: he sure can twitch that shaft and seemingly has cords to raise & lower balls at will. That we don't see every day--at least not in the DC area.
4/15/13--"Amazing" from Drumcat; "Perfection" from ange 139; "Beautiful penis" from wenham. Don't believe I can improve or even amplify so throw credit back over the last 8 !!
A true Performer and loves showing off his goodies. Fantastic Goodies to show.
Perfection. And great photogher also. I've always believed William Higgins would be an excellent Hollywood film director-photographer - He's a truly great talent scout also, as Kazan was, as Eastwood is. Thanks again, William Higgins.
Roman Kucera is a sympthic young man. He is an excellent model an can present very well.
Wow! What a gorgeous man! A most beautiful face and body to match. I love all his facial expressions, and his smile could melt the polar ice cap! Very athletic and obviously talented, too. A good sense of humor and apparently not at all arrogant. He's someone I'd want to have around me always.
Not really the first man I'd pick out of a crowd but after looking at him, I get the 'bad boy' thing and wonder how far he's willing to go toward earning the image / name ... perhaps I could just lay back and see if this boy knows how to 'ride the stick' and whether or not he can do some trick riding; enough to impress me ???
one hot ass. beautiful shot of that hot ASS ! nice uncut penis. gorgeous guy ! luv it ! AND the video ... superb !
Another awesome Higgins model and I absolutely LOVE all the sweet butthole shots too!!!
This lad is gorgeous. Ink and all, if you have it, flaunt it. He may not be to everyone's taste, but what a handsome man he is! I like bad boys, and this one is as bad as they come. Magnificent ass, too.
Wow! I really love this guy. I hope to see more of him.
photographers dreamHe also has the grace to be a ballet dancer in addition to being masculine superb, Roman.
what a pity. this certainly masculine and sexy guy has been exploited as a queen. What a bad manner to shave his body. The positions where exactly those reserved to escort girls.
very very very bad quality
beautiful penis!
He is an amazing dancer with a body to be worshipped. He knows what pleases both men and women and he has confidence to display his natural talent to accomplish just that. He is obviously talented but He is a super guy with a personality that matches his natural beauty.
I do like my men bad sometimes he has a look in his eyes, which just says I am a good fuck. Come and ride this…I think he has a handsome face. His ass is hot…and that veined cock…I know what I would be doing for hours….can you guess!
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