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May 4, 2006
Rating for this model: Trich has been Rated 7.6 starsTrich has been Rated 7.6 stars Total Votes: 665
Photographer Rating: Trich has been Rated 4.9 starsTrich has been Rated 4.9 stars  Total Votes: 34

Age:  22
Location:  Policka, Czech Republic
Job:  Model
Hobby:  MotorCycle Riding
Sport:  Working out at the Gym
Food:  SkuBanky
Music:  Support Lesbiens
Produced by CzechBoys
Latest Comments:
Hansome fella - great sensuality - beautiful, refreshing smiles.
Love his fuzzy ass.
Love to spend the Winter tucked under the duvet with young Trich here... Perhaps I would pump a few gallons of heavy cream into that generous butt hole of need to leave any for the baby,,,'daddy' gets especially warm, hard and thick looking into those eyes....
Is it just me, or is the baby crib kind of a creepy porn accessory?
Sucker as is often the case is a bit more enthusiastic than I am but Trich (not a nickname one encounters often even in the Czech lands!)is a handsome boy next door type and I'll rate him an old 8 with that attractive cock and ball set plus plenty of cum.
TRICH IS one handsome and well endowed str8 model, with awesome naked body, lovely cock and balls, the cock just begging to be sucked. amazing ass and terrific load. let me at him. wonder if he is planning a baby soon.
Unusually handsome mansac and balls. Love to get at them! Some great shots from beneath looking up Trich's glorious body to his handsome face. Love the fair hair all over him. His cock is a marvel, uncut shapely and juicy. Oh for a prolonged suck at that, and a big feed of jism to follow. I'd not neglect any part of his body beautiful especially his sensuous mouth, his chest, under arms and tits. His legs need a close inspection and tongueing. I need Trich!
nice asshole shot-I'd luv to lick it good!
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