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June 4, 2002
Rating for this model: Virko has been Rated 8.3 starsVirko has been Rated 8.3 stars Total Votes: 419
Photographer Rating: Virko has been Rated 4.8 starsVirko has been Rated 4.8 stars  Total Votes: 46

Age:  18
Location:  Karlsbad, Czech Republic
Job:  Fast food
Hobby:  Surfing the net
Sport:  Working out
Food:  Kottety Pozharskie
Music:  Sex Deviants
Produced by William Higgins
Latest Comments:
absolutely breath taking
Best legs on the site! How long are they? I'd like to find out in person.
Very good profile shots.
Virko is about the best looking kid his age on this whole site! He's got a beautiful body and a nice prick and ass. For me he's a 10+. I'd gladly do anything in bed he wanted me to! Of course, if i could fuck that beautiful ass, that would be paradise!
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