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Aaron Aurora
February 2, 2013
Rating for this model: Aaron Aurora has been Rated 7.8 starsAaron Aurora has been Rated 7.8 stars Total Votes: 148
Photographer Rating: Aaron Aurora has been Rated 6.6 starsAaron Aurora has been Rated 6.6 stars  Total Votes: 123

Age:  21
Location:  Manchester, England
Job:  Sales
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Soccer
Food:  Hamburgers
Music:  Disco
Produced by Twisted XXX Media
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21 year old Aaron Aurora comes to us from Manchester England, where he plays soccer as a hobby and hopes to one day play professionally. Aaron is feeling a bit horny and decides to rub one out after a long day of practice. Keeping his soccer ball close by, he removes his shirt and begins massaging his uncut cock, while caressing his smooth body! Aaron grips his ball between his feed and takes his hard cock in hand and begins a tight gripped workout, as he lays back on the couch. After about 2 minutes, the head of his cock is covered with juicy drops of pre-cum, which he shares with the camera. Aaron moves up and sits on the back of the couch where he strokes fast and furious, resting his full ball sack on top of his soccer ball, moving toward what will end up being a very happy ending for Aaron, as his cock explodes with a thick creamy load across his ball and still erupts over the top of his tightly gripped fist!
Latest Comments:
Aaron is a very cute young man and seems to enjoy the tamer side of porn as well as it's kinky side. Anyone who has seen his vids over at Boynapped can attest to that :) I am curious as to why he wasn't wearing his hearing aids in this shoot. I know that he doesn't wear them all the time on his porn shoots, but I was wondering why he isn't wearing them here?
If I could enjoy one more boy, he'll do just fine!
All I can say is Mmmmmmmmmm. Nice juicy cum shot. He could use a little more meat on his bones and a little more time in the sun however,but he's still welcome in my bedroom.
If I were only to judge him on his dick alone, I'd say a 6/7 out of 10. Not bad but not great. Good shape and good angle but I've seen better. But then I noticed the collar bone piercing and aimed right for the 1/10 star. I wish there was a negative scale to show our disgust of the model. Body wise without the piercings 6/10. It's a typical body for a guy that age but those piercings... yuck. Hell NO!
Aron is a cut nice typ, I love it
Aaron is a great cute boy... But no ass shots.++
@phoque - Oops, the description should have read "uncut" instead of "cut", and it has been corrected.
Hmmm Part of my message failed to appear-which read: - If Aaron is cut, then I as a tetraplegic will walk on water.
PS--well video better than I expected--cute navel, chewable nips; all around perhaps 7.5
2/4/13--I'm anglophile but fail to see anything exceptional about A., except the slight sickle curve on his prick. There are many more striking guys thru-out Britain--I know that from direct observation.
Beautiful model. One of Englands Best. The only thing that disappointed me was he wasn't photographed while flaccid and his foreskin over his penis. However I did notice that the photographer I believe used a technique that I often used years ago where you would photograph with a large or wide open aperture and a fast shutter speed to particularly focus on something leaving the background out of focus. I haven't seen this in years with all the lazy so called photographers that just let the camera's brain do it all. Love the model though and his eyes just get to you.
Aaron has me wetting my briefs, he knows how to use the camera to bring out is assets. I want to make love to him, with him. Beautiful face, suckable cock, fuckable ass, love hole. Flash
Cute young guy with beautiful cock, cock tip, and balls. Great cum load and pre cum. The Brits seem to have great hardware as a general rule. Would love to make it with Aaron.
a little 2thin4me ! has a nice cock/balls though and a nice cum shot. too bad theres no ass shots.
Aaron has appeared a number of times on the Boynapped site, usually as the victum :-) A very cute, cuddley Brit. Would love to see him in a duo.
Deeeeeeeeeeliciously smooth young stud - would like to be that ball all night long. A great smile with some impressive parts!
I agree with "stickmantoo", nice model but poor photo shoot. Half of the picks (50), he's clothed.
To Brylee13-Aaron appears on many sites shot in the UK.
Sexy studpuppy with sensual smooth skin, lucious nipples, beautiful cock and delicious ass. WOOF!
I don't know where this was shot but it was certainly not in the UK. Too cosmetic, very feminine, no way on earth this boy was or ever will be a footballer. Not for me this one, give me a guy with some bodyhair.
You could tell from his photo-shoot showing the opening lips of his cum slit he was a handsome kid with a cock that won't quite. The mushroom cockhead, his tastie pre-cum string he played with, his hard shaft, his telling eyes with those thin lips, he was at home with himself doing what comes naturally for him and us.
'Nice' model who I'd happily seduce or be seduced by. But why 50 photos before we get to see his dick totally exposed? I hope he'll appear on another site of Brit lads.
Totally awesome! The things I would love to do with Aaron would fill a book so apologies to Phoque, but Aaron won't be saying "Take me! I'm yours!" cuz he's all mine!
I don't know what to make of Aaron. He's cute enough in an odd kind of way. But there's nothing about him which says to me "take me! I'm yours!". Perhaps it's the excessive iron works, which I'll never understand, which is what I find off-putting.
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