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July 17, 2013
Rating for this model: Akos has been Rated 7.9 starsAkos has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 116
Photographer Rating: Akos has been Rated 5.8 starsAkos has been Rated 5.8 stars  Total Votes: 96

Age:  24
Location:  Budapest, Hungary
Job:  Chef
Hobby:  Snowboarding
Sport:  Snowboarding
Food:  Chicken
Music:  Pop
Produced by Joe Budai
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With killer green eyes & a rockin', tanned body, 24 year old gay Hungarian Akos lays back in his red wrestling singlet & strokes his already-hard huge & uncut cock through the material. Akos' Cheshire cat grin tells us that he's thoroughly enjoying the moment & in no time, his body shakes, quivers, & spurts out the proof of his pleasure.
Latest Comments:
nice body very nice smile looked as if in person probably a nice guy. Enjoyed watching . My only tiny gripe is that I could not get anything other than the occasional very very low element of sound ,was silent in its majority. apart from that it was fine and dandy.
handsome gentleman with a beautiful gorgeous hard curve cock with nice balls. great body but i am disappointed there is no ass shots. luv the cum shot. but i wish akos fuck me ... luv that curvy cock !
Wow! Handsome men!
He's hunky and handsome and has great hairy legs. I can only imagine what he looks like from the rear.
Very gorgeous guy. I felt the video was a little too lengthy though.
i just want to be with you for just once only to be virginized with you only...
I wish there were some ass views leaves out half the model
These were screencaptures simply due to the fact that we did not have digital stills from the producer, but with Pinnacle Studio 16, the screencaptures are caught from the high definition MPEG file at a whopping 1920 x 1080 at 96 DPI & 24 bit depth. They are referred to as HD JPG 1080P. So, we actually had to shrink them down to go onto the site. Today's technology makes it pretty amazing what we're able to do today that we weren't even five years ago. When available, we'll prop the actual still images that we receive, but unfortunately, not always available. Akos & Keda are from the same producer & a couple of hot looking guys.
What a Top, Grins, must be the way the camera focuses on that massive girth and grip.
If I were designing a man, he would B a lot like AKOS. As others have said, regret there were no ass shots.
After looking at the thumb nail photos, which are sharp, it is simply that badpuppy blew them up to the point there is poor detail.
Akos has a great face and big hairy legs unfortunately there are no shots from the rear. The photos are badly out of focus.
7/17/13--we all post as we wish & to state the obvious, no one has to read any of them! I read most (maybe not all the way thru) just to see how a model strikes other readers--my peers in a sense. Akos may not be movie star face handsome (altho he has a nice smile) BUT then we don't usually inspect a movie star's package and Akos sure has an im-presive & nicely curving cock culminating w/ one impressive sum in both quantity & velocity.
Give me this handsome guy w/ CURVE cock anytime. i love to get fucked by CURVE cock. AWESOME !!!
Oh, the things I'd love to do with that cock! Or even have done to me with that cock!
Outstanding body, beautiful cock and goodlooking studpuppy. Too bad the photography was so out of focus; hope this fine model finds a better photographer.
My dear Casey, does anyone really read the negative comments here? The positive ones catch my eye and might cause me to look. I just disregard the negative ones as generally they are specific to the writers own preferences and not the general public. You are absolutely correct! There is an AMAZING amount of content here on Badpuppy. A smorgesbourg (please excuse my poor spelling)if you will. Something for everyone... I say keep doing what your doing! If the negative people don't like it, why the hell do they keep paying for it?
Agree camera work not great but model is uber hot, would love to see him balls deep in some twinks ass. The cum shot is worth the wait.
The model is gorgeous. As for the photos, the photographer must have been using his phone camera, and an old one at that.
I think this guy is just terrific and what a great load I would do him any day any time. I think that the photos to me seem good. good bad puppy keep coming.
New Rule: If you have nothing nice to say (ever), go post on QueerClick or JustUsBoys. Other than bravehrt, the Badpuppy Comments section has become nothing other than a whole lot of trollish negativity (and why I never allowed this crap on CAUSA). My gawd, this site has more content available than most others combined, yet, all that I ever hear out of a very Vocal Minority, is "this sucks," "that sucks, "everything sucks." I have an idea, Jeff, let's start deleting everything but positive comments. If folks have a gripe, they can email Support, directly. Other than bravehrt's delish descriptions, I'm sure that we'll just hear crickets chirping after every update...
The photos are screen-grabs from the video. You can tell by the "combing" and softness on the edges of the subject/objects.
To clarify: I'm disappointed that there no shots of Akos' ass (going on 3 a.m. in the eastern USA).
I agree that the model is attractive and that the photography leaves something to be desired. It looks as though the photographer was lying flat on the floor while taking many of the pictures. I am also disappointed that there are no photographs of Akos' and no good pictures of his feet.
The model may look terrific but the quality of the photos is dreadful and the video's a bit boring - although the cum shot is great. Could only rate the photographer a 1 this time
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