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Alan & Bruno
March 2, 2014
Rating for this model: Alan & Bruno has been Rated 5.8 starsAlan & Bruno has been Rated 5.8 stars Total Votes: 39
Photographer Rating: Alan & Bruno has been Rated 4.9 starsAlan & Bruno has been Rated 4.9 stars  Total Votes: 31

Age:  22
Location:  Santiago
Job:  Sex
Hobby:  Sex
Sport:  Sex
Food:  Protein
Music:  Dance
Produced by Badpuppy
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Please welcome Alan & Bruno to Badpuppy! Please accept our sincere apologies for the quality of the pictures, this video shoot came from the producer without the correct photos, and the matching photos cannot be located at this time. Because the video was so hot, we wanted to provide it to you guys anyway... so we took the best screen captures that we could get from the video, so that we could post the duo. The video that we received was not the original master file, so the captures are not the greatest. We will NOT be using that producer again going forward! We hope that you all enjoy the video, and we thank you for your patience with us as we work through the remaining kinks of transitioning to the new Badpuppy site. We promise to do better!
Latest Comments:
No problem BP it was a good video anyway I liked it
Hi, guys... our apologies, there was obviously a mix-up with the photoshoot for this duo and the associated video. The situation is being addressed, and we will get the mismatch corrected as quickly as possible. As we transition through this change in leadership, we may experience some of these mix-ups, please forgive & bear with us. We can't promise that everything will be perfect moving forward, but we again promise to do our best given the circumstances.
a totally different video???? What gives??????
scene on the boat was good but I wanted what was in the picture?!!
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