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Aleson & Gabriel Liarh
December 31, 2011
Rating for this model: Aleson & Gabriel Liarh has been Rated 7.0 starsAleson & Gabriel Liarh has been Rated 7.0 stars Total Votes: 117
Photographer Rating: Aleson & Gabriel Liarh has been Rated 6.5 starsAleson & Gabriel Liarh has been Rated 6.5 stars  Total Votes: 94

Model:  Aleson
Age:  27
Location:  Rio de Janeiro
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Beach Volleyball
Sport:  Capoeira
Food:  Beef and Rice
Music:  Hip-Hop
Model:  Gabriel Liarh
Age:  23
Location:  Sao Paulo
Job:  Sales
Hobby:  Surfing
Sport:  Volleyball
Food:  Brazilian
Music:  Michael Jackson
Produced by Gavin Lowe
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27 year old Aleson and 23 year old Gabriel Liarh, a pair of hot South American Latinos, both staying in the city, awake to each other out on their balconies. A few words and horny comments are exchanged and Gabriel heads over to Aleson's room for some sexual packed action. They practically rip each others clothes off, in getting down to business. Gabriel is the first to make his move, going down on Aleson's uncut cock. Aleson sits up and begins fucking Gabriel's face. Gabriel bends over and Aleson begins licking, munching and fingering his ass. After orally pleasing each other, Aleson lubes Gabriel up, slapping him on the ass, prior to taking the plunge into Gabriel's ass, where he pounds him 9 ways to Sunday. They change positions several times, with Aleson becoming a bit physical during their sexual encounter. Gabriel appears to like it a little rough. He blows his load while being plowed and Aleson pulls out and cums all over Gabriel's ass. They kiss and head off to the shower to clean up!
Latest Comments:
The movie is playing fine for this two models. No trouble at all to see the moovie which apprear in my pc HD. Wow! two hot latin boys full of plyaisure
@mantlman - The movies should be playing fine for these models, I am not seeing any issues. If you are still having trouble, please contact me directly at "" and I will be happy to help further.
Wow! Two great looking guys, with grace and style- beautiful bodies, inspired hot latin sex- one hand on the head while getting rimmed- the right tilt to Gabriel's ass showing he wants it and more- Gawd-! the right amount of everything- wheres their full length movie????
The brazilians DO IT BETTER !!!
so - so. its o.k. not so impressed.
Dam Gabriel is hot..omg. Aleson too. What a hot scene.. Hit me up on Manhunt ;-)
What a beautiful pair of boys - nice way to end the year with a great fuck from Rio! Yumm!
Vivam os garotos brasileiros!
Very good pair, the right stuff for the weekend
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