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Andy Lee
April 7, 2012
Rating for this model: Andy Lee has been Rated 7.1 starsAndy Lee has been Rated 7.1 stars Total Votes: 160
Photographer Rating: Andy Lee has been Rated 5.7 starsAndy Lee has been Rated 5.7 stars  Total Votes: 121

Age:  23
Location:  London, England
Job:  High Rise Window Washer
Hobby:  Gym Training
Sport:  All
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Any
Produced by Monstah Media
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23 year old Andy Lee comes to us from London, England, where he is a professional High Rise Window Washer. When not at work, you'll most likely find Andy at the gym, working on his fitness training. Andy has just returned to his apartment from a union meeting and needs to relieve some built up sexual tension. Still in his dress shirt and tie, he sits up on the kitchen counter and begins rubbing his cock through his dress slacks. He unbuttons his shirt and unzips his slacks, pulling his uncut cock out through his underwear opening. His shoes and slacks come off and he takes hold of his thick cock and begins stroking it back and forth. Now up on the kitchen counter, Andy gets into a firm stroking rhythm. Hopping down he removes all of his clothes and gets ready for what is to come. He stands aside the counter and with some fast jerk off action, Andy blows multiple loads all over the kitchen floor.
Latest Comments:
Okay, gentlemen... let's please try to keep it civil.
super bitchy queens with no manners who never truly suffered in life are overstocked and going cheap. hes hot, so stfu and go out on the street if you can do better.
Agree 110% with the comments from "JOYBOYZ" with all the judgemental queens who mainly put down and rip apart the models, thank the Lord for the likes of Andy Lee and co.that the rest of us can feast contented. Thank you B.P. and why not just cancel your sub???? or is that too easy?, you judgemental queens!
nice big cock, though not a particularly pretty one. the rest of him is worthless.
gorgeous cock nice body but i find Andy a bit boring no sexuality or sensuality. zilch ! next please.
uncut is always a +
4/7/12--if Andy were handsome,all that ink wd nonetheless UNinspire this member. And talk about throwing away a cum shot: jetting out on the floor so viewers can see NZEITHER how much nor how far Andy ejaculates. Monstah Media (are they a first-time on BP?) needs to get its act(s) together: better models who receive guidance on how to pleasure us as well as themselves ?!!
I never cease to be amazed at the judgementalims of viewers. Just enjoy masculine beatuy in all its varieties! live to 71, and others may understand. No one asks me for a photo shoot! Ha!Ha! But I am alive and delight in these young men and this young man.
Andy can play in MY kitchen anytime!!!!
Great body and cock but all those tattoos are a turn off for me.
swissboy will be happy he hasn't been "mutilated" :)
Great cock. Would be better if the foreskin was gone. He also could have showed that he ejoyed the climax. No emotion.
Hot stud with fantastic body and outstanding cock. WOOF!
i won't ask for much this christmas.
handsome guy -- just not into all tha ink -- such a shame he mars such a great body with that stuff -- but then if he invited me over, I would go
About bloody time, a hot english guy!! Andy is EVERYTHING I look for in a bloke. Thanks BP
Andy Lee is a super hot guy and look great. Both he and his Bro have appeared on a british web site
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