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Anthony Squellart
August 13, 2011
Rating for this model: Anthony Squellart has been Rated 8.0 starsAnthony Squellart has been Rated 8.0 stars Total Votes: 187
Photographer Rating: Anthony Squellart has been Rated 6.9 starsAnthony Squellart has been Rated 6.9 stars  Total Votes: 154

Age:  27
Location:  Argentina
Job:  Bell Boy
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Swimming
Food:  Pasta
Music:  Trance
Produced by BABoys
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Anthony Squellart is a 27 year old Bell Boy from Argentina. Today Anthony is getting in some over time, by offering his assistance in painting a couple of the hotel rooms. Not only is he going to make some extra money, but he's going to have some Anthony time. With his room mate at home, Anthony never as any alone time, so today he has some thoughts as to what he'll be doing with this time alone, painting hotel rooms after hours, when the maids have most all gone home. Anthony drops his paint roller and begins rubbing himself. He unbuttons his jeans and rolls out his huge uncut cock and begins stroking. Soon he loses his jeans all together, giving us a good view of his perfect ass, spreading his cheeks, while rubbing his backside. Anthony is quite horned up and ready to finish. With two hands, he vigorously strokes, extending out his palm and he fills it with a load of cum! His relief shows as he takes a heavy sigh and pulls his foreskin back and forth.
Latest Comments:
@ dewey says: No, I'd not be unhappy if I never saw another analogical pic again. I love butt shots I just don't need to see a shot that focuses on an anus.
Am i the only one who hates looking at bum holes. Love everything else
A very sweet man. Please bring more from Antony.++
Anthony could paint my walls anytime - young and fresh - sweet and cute thanks Anthony !!
Totally agree with jackbenimble - a hot young model wasted on poor filming. Why is it so hard to get the basics right. Having said that, I loved watching Anthony - he is a babe.
8/19/11-Most impressive fresh Argentine beef package--remarkable that Anthony's engorged cock seems to be the same circumference from root to that fine foreskin & glans. As I've said before, love to see the ridge of a glans UNDER the skin! Squ. (intriguing name--cd it be of Dutch origin?) reddens berely but tenderly as orgasm approaches AND seeme to know just where his shot will land--that's impressive even if the cum volume is less so. But definitely, let's see him again--maybe a frabjous red head or a well hung blonde cd get A. to grin or at least smile!!
What a gorgeous NATURAL model, pubes and body a vision. Lovely face too, and one who seemed to enjoy the experience. I know I was another...Thanks
Apparently somebody needs to be taught how to shoot jerk-off videos again. Hello? Two camera setup with at least ONE wide angle so we can see the guy's face as he cums. We've been through this before. Instead we have this ridiculous macro on his dick when he cums, it could be anybody at that point. Fail.
NOTHING XTRA-ORDINARY XCEPT ... nice nipples, nice soft uncut long penis. disappointing asshole, balls, skin ...
Perfect, bring him back again in maybe a shower
This is one hot young man. So glad to see a man who doesn't wreck his looks. Love the happy trail leading to that great cock. I would hire him to paint any day. He has some good strokes
Muscles in motion are hot. Too bad producers don't show them more. A nice and very human episode with a hot guy, who, happily, has not pierced and tattooed his bod. I might have done it just like that. Thanks, Anthony.
Excellent body, sweet dick, sensual smooth chest and sexy dimples. WOOF!
Anthony rang my bell and he could drop his pants, I mean, luggage anyplace in my room the way his cock shaft flopped out of his pants like an unbrella with those up-tight nuts. A nice deuluge of fresh hot cum, from this young gentleman who, despite his muscular build, is a little shy and withdrawn as he strokes his enviable and succulent hot tool perfect to take a lip lock amongst darting teasing tongue.
I got a wall needs painting!!
Yum! I like!
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