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May 11, 2013
Rating for this model: Axel has been Rated 7.4 starsAxel has been Rated 7.4 stars Total Votes: 99
Photographer Rating: Axel has been Rated 6.3 starsAxel has been Rated 6.3 stars  Total Votes: 80

Age:  24
Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Skating
Sport:  Boat Racing
Food:  Pasta
Music:  Electro
Produced by Andy Monaco
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From Buenos Aires, we begin with 24 year old Axel telling us a little bit about himself, and the first thing we want him to do is hand him a phone book & ask him to read it. ;-) But then he smiles, our hearts melted. Pretty soon Axel is laying back & fingering his tight manhole, and then we his smooth, taught body trembling as he strokes his thick, uncut Argentinian cock.
Latest Comments:
oh yeah, the sexy smile! I cant stop looking at that delicious cock...
A wk later, I'm surprised at paucity of comments on the smiling and well endowed BA stud.
...I'm getting tired of European twinks. What happened to good ole USA boys? And for that matter I haven't seen a black guy here in eon's let alone a colour other than Spanish/Latin boys. Might as well call this site, Euro Puppies...
Cute. Nice dick!
A very sexy Latin young man. And, it's also nice to hear the model being interviewed, even though a lot of times with non-American models, they aren't speaking American English. Axel, however, does speak very seductively :)
PS Just now noticed that Axel is one fine Latin stud
5/11/13 hello there gorgeous Axel w/ those fine black pupils (not exactly black eyes!) and black hair where it ought to be including a ine pubes. Big kudo as well for actually spurting your cum up to collar bones, not the disappointing dribble seen on SO MANY recent models. Way to go & CUM.
oh to be that toy up that sweet ass! super sweet face with all the right parts to make a happy face with!
awesome. adorable young dude. He really must love to bottom.
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