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Axel & Nahuel
July 13, 2013
Rating for this model: Axel & Nahuel has been Rated 7.1 starsAxel & Nahuel has been Rated 7.1 stars Total Votes: 74
Photographer Rating: Axel & Nahuel has been Rated 6.3 starsAxel & Nahuel has been Rated 6.3 stars  Total Votes: 61

Model:  Axel
Age:  24
Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Job:  Boring Administrative Jobs
Hobby:  Reading Comics
Sport:  Main Bottom in Orgies
Food:  Fugazzeta de Verdura
Music:  Tango
Model:  Nahuel
Age:  29
Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Job:  Bartender
Hobby:  Watching Documentaries
Sport:  Fucking
Food:  Asado
Music:  Nueva canción
Produced by MVS Productions
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Axel & Nahuel are passionate Latino men from Buenos Aires, and oh my does this video have a little bit of everything. Nahuel's big, uncut cock loves Axel's oral attention - especially when Axel rims him. With lots of kissing & sensual caressing, these two hotties really get into it & each other. Pretty soon Nahuel slides his huge cock into Axel's tight ass, and there's no mistaking Axel enjoys one helluva pounding.
Latest Comments:
Can Nuhual be my daddy even if he is only ten years older?
7/15/13--now that the video is finally available, I find Axel a handsome youth, vy. attractive & w/ attractive assets front & back, not least a bsuh to set off his penis & also putting in efforts to heat up the scene. To my eyes N. is far less atractive--somehow calculating & Mefistofelean w/ his goatee--not to add where is the juice when he "cums" ???
More videos with Axel please.
muy caliente
All video formats are broken.
Some good camera with lighting. Axel seemed to do most of the work -- sucking half the time and getting fucked the other half. Nahuet was in his zone -- taking it as it came.
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