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Brad Campbell
September 13, 2012
Rating for this model: Brad Campbell has been Rated 7.7 starsBrad Campbell has been Rated 7.7 stars Total Votes: 145
Photographer Rating: Brad Campbell has been Rated 5.7 starsBrad Campbell has been Rated 5.7 stars  Total Votes: 110

Age:  19
Location:  Tampa, Florida
Job:  Pool Boy
Hobby:  Mudding
Sport:  Hunting
Food:  Chinese
Music:  Country
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19 year old Brad Campbell is one hot stud, who is not afraid of the camera. Brad is from Tampa, FL and is a self proclaimed Pool Boy. Today though, he is here to jack off for you and he'd love nothing more that to have you join him, rubbing one out together. After his short intro, Brad gets right down to business. He strips down and pulls his cut cock through the opening in his boxers and begins stroking away. The boxers come off and Brad lays back on the bed, giving his cock a workout! He turns face down and ass up, giving his tool a firm rub and tug, while showing off his ass. He then begins stretching and fingering his hole. Brad lays back on the bed again and begins stroking his tool firmly, with a twist of the wrist with each stroke, delivering a thick and creamy cumshot across his well defined abs!
Latest Comments:
BRAD is awesomely handsome w/ a gorgeous cock and a beautiful pinkkiss man-hole. very sensual, too. LOVE this guy !
Talk about the BIG ONE!
Sorry, Brad is an average man.+
He is an average man.+
Sweet ass gorgeous cock/balls handsome young man. beautiful eyes.
Very un-impressive cum shot, which only scream, "I don't drink enough water in my diet"... can we say..'eewwwww'...
handsome young man w/ an awesome cock / balls. AND a beautiful arse ! i like him.
awesome boy next door and for all those catty remarks, lets face it, if he was YOUR pool boy you would be hiding behind the curtains stalking him and jerking off so hard you would rip your dicks off!
Brad is jut acerage, His cock is ok, his body ok, hi cunShou just O
BRAD is a handsome young man w/ a gorgeous cock, nice smooth body and a beyoutiful asshole ! very sexy and a nice cum.
I very much enjoyed the model as well as the photography. This young man was very pleasing for me to look at, I hope to see more.
Good model, much potential. Bad photographer !!
9/14/12--I wonder if there will be "a next time" for Brad. Just average looks to these eyes and where the heck in the TAN no Floridian can avoid (esp. if he works shirtless!!) He does flush notably & nicely as he approaches cumming wh/as lumpy says, we don't at all well--besides wh/ a large serving spoon would hold all this cum. Get a better photogr., one who teaches his would be studs to save up. Don't believe we saw a flaccid penis either, always nice pt. of comparison. Model maybe 6/7 but photoquality -1. Come on BP editors, you can and mosstly do do better.
Like this boi and for only nineteen,there is certainly good potential for further exposure in the porn industry.Nice overall hairy bod which is good to see...great hairy legs and a good butt hole which is well fingered begging for attention. Certainly an acceptable thick cum shot here and a real taste test would be in order. Some sex appeal with this boi too..that half beard unshaven look is appealingand sexy, however must agree the overall photography is a big disappointment.
Don't think he has a small dick. Completely agree with all the other comments. The photographer is incompetent.
I find this no-nonsense, straightforwar "Here's my dick" kind of session very sexy.
Why are all the cum shots with the camera pointing towards the hand and not on the other side where we could actually see the cum shot?
Great! Love his cut cock!!! i would suck on it!!! Handsome dude!!
Get rid of the amateur photographer.
Awesome body and cock. Unlike drawde, I like the size of his cock! And who wouldn't get lost in those blue eyes?
Brad Campbell photo opt had one problem, his closeups were out of focus. Nice bod and assets but diffinition was lacking. Flash
Brad is a manly man. Love his brow, fur, tatts and muscles. I could get lost in his eyes.
I like!!!
What a handsome young man - great smile - sparkling blue eyes and all the nice furry parts that would put a smile on anyone's I have to start digging a pool for him!
Very,Very small DICK.
Oh Brad. Your butt is so sweetly hairy.
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