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Chad Carlisle
November 1, 2011
Rating for this model: Chad Carlisle has been Rated 7.6 starsChad Carlisle has been Rated 7.6 stars Total Votes: 181
Photographer Rating: Chad Carlisle has been Rated 6.6 starsChad Carlisle has been Rated 6.6 stars  Total Votes: 137

Age:  22
Location:  Indiana
Job:  Custodian
Hobby:  Hanging Out with Friends
Sport:  Soccer
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Pop
Produced by Gio Caruso
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Chad Carlisle comes to us from a small town in Indiana. He's 22 years old and works as a Custodian for a local hospital. Chad has wanted to jerk off on camera and Badpuppy is his first stop! He rubs his body, removing his shirt and pants. Chad lays down on the couch in his boxer briefs, reaching in massaging his cut cock. He drops his briefs and coats up with some lube. He begins stroking his cock while rubbing his ass. As he spreads his cheeks, he shows off his hairy hole. Chad stands up and begins rubbing his hairy body all over. He lays back on the couch, taking his cock in one hand, slapping it against his other hand. With his tool as hard as a rock, he's approaching his release. With a few more firm strokes, Chad blows a thick creamy cum shot from the base of his cock to the top of his hairy abs.
Latest Comments:
awesome chad, very hot ! winsome smile ! very sensual !
awesomely handsome young man with a winsome smile ! love that dark hairy pubes and that hairy sexy arse is 2die4 ! Just simply delicious.
Nice Body
Cant help it. just keep coming back to view CHAD. Such AWESOME young man with a captivating smile. Totally sexy handsome with gorgeous assets. Adore this Guy.
love this young man w/ a captivating smile. very sexy very sensual. loved it !
i love his natural smile & looks plus what a gorgeous cock ! incredibly hot young American Lad. Hair in the right places. winsome smile, nice nipples, great body. Badpuppy please bring back ... maybe w/ another sexy Man.
another cute young man. i love his smile but much more his gorgeous cock. love that pubes & hairy ass. Badpuppy please bring him back.
handsome young dude w/ a captivating smile. hairy on the right places. luv that pubic hair. gorgeous cock. this guy to me is awesomely sexy & surely veryveryvery Hot !
a nice cut cock is hard to find these days- dont get me wrong iam uncut myself but a yummy cut one of his suits me fine
i just luv this gorgeous handsome young man. Beautifully sexy w/ a captivating smile. Beautiful pubes too & a gorgeous cock. Great lean smooth body.
Give me Chad anytime. Luv that Sweet smile. AND that thick pubes drives me KRAZZZY ! beautiful lean body w/ a gorgeous cock. He is HOT !
How did this Reviewer ever miss the site of this wonderful young man when first presented back in November 2011, but it is never too late to Review.. especially when this boi has so much going for him. Oh my....outstanding stunning beauty before us..simply a gorgeous hairy bod displayed "au natural" just the way so many of us love to see and this Reviewer is no exception....lovely hairy legs, good deep pubes and the fantastic hairy hole all display well, with the abundance of hair "below" offsetting the light hairy chest and deep pits nicely. No...nothing touched in the hair department which is a good thing! Nice hard cock here shooting a respectable hot thick load up onto that lovely treasure trail. Love this boi...and "dendens" sums it up perfectly, ...." Young manhood in it purest form - Spectacular"!
Had to visit CHAD again. It must be that captivating smile and HAIR in the right places that attracted me to view him again. Badpuppy bring him back again.
I find CHAD a handsome young Man w/ a captivating smile. a beautiful clean smooth lean gorgeous body. Butt what attracted me MOST is his body hair accentuated on the right places. GOSH ! that hairy ARSE & that thick hairy pubes ... are to die for. luv it !
Body hair and thick pubic hair look great on a guy with a lean slim build. This young man is handsome and he has not even reached his prime. The shape of the head of his penis is really nice.
I always enjoy the sight of abundant natural hair on a man - don't get why people shave it or trim it at all - and this guy looks fantastic with it. Beautiful body, v handsome face. My only complaint is the lack of really clear anal shots. One or two glimpses but that's all. We anal obsessives need those leisurely cheeks-widespread shots to really enjoy ourselves. I sometimes suspect photographers are shy to demand this, but I don't know why. Ah well....
A delicious young man.++
Fantastic lightly furry man! Nice load too!!
A sexy hairy boy!
Idyllic youthful body nearly close to natural perfection. Young manhood in its purest form. Spectacular.
What a beautiful young man! His natural beauty stands out with no piercings, ink or razor to spoil what nature gave him. Please bring him back with a partner.
Love those hairy Indiana boys.
11/1/11--A SUPER neighborhood guy on a palindrome date!! Love the models & all guys who retain the natural hair in all the spots where nature places it. Chad brings a winsome smile fine nips, chest & cute navel with shining brown eyes as well to bear for a hi score--really clear view of his cumming wh/ if not super abundant, nor travelling immense distance is a pleasure to follow. Bring him back in one of the more frequent & vy welcome duos. A 9!!
Beautiful! Sexy! Totally Hot!! I love a slender hairy man.
cute...nice smile, and nice to see slim and just delicious men for a change
I usually dislike belly hair, and I prefer trimmed if not shaved pubes, but with Chad it's a case of 'hair maketh the man!'
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